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Can we get rid of Adobe Acrobat Reader’s Accessibility Setup Assistant dialogue?


For users not registered in AD as needing Accessibility this is distracting.

example os from the teacher station, assumed that is the same in the base image.

New problem in Sanako Study 1200 version 7 with 2 student recorder exe’s running simultaneously on client, under different user accounts?

  1. UPDATE: Also an issue in the spring term on the teacher computer..
  2. UPDATE: still an issue in the spring term.
  3. 2nd 0542nd 055
  4. This cannot be good (brought this student down).
  5. How is this possible?
    1. Presumably the student logged out an admin during a Sanako activity (we frequently have to place late-coming students sit and use an administrator computer, but they do not always get at term start that they are not supposed to log the admin out and in)
    2. So this seems another (special) case of the recently observed student managing to exit the Sanako during an activity (helper.exe was running alright).

Run-shortcut missing from student start menu?


Sanako screen sharing is now too slow for the client machine..

… So that clients get suggested to downgrade to basic color scheme, in the middle of class. I saw this for the first time recently , after upgrade to Windows 7 and study 1200 version 7, on the teacher machine, same 4yr old dell optiplex 760.

LRC web browser popup blockers are currently misconfigured

  1. Problem: I noticed that is not configured correctly, when our hands-on exercises during out training of film students and lrc assistants failed, but I did not have the time to take photos of which browser was involved.
  2. Workarounds:
    1. You can always (hold the key:) CTRL-click on the link where your web browsing fails.
    2. I have a temp solution for the lab, but why not configure these few sites, if you get fed that your users need it.
  3. Solution: We already asked for these sites be allowed through popup blockers of web browsers in use (chrome, firefox, internet explorer 8):
    1. *
    2. *
    3. *
    4. *
    5. *
    6. *
    7. *
    8. *
    9. *
    10. newly added: *

Our Sanako Study 1200 tutor is “not responding” or crashes

  1. Update: We have been advised to
    1. change the Windows Color Scheme to Basic (especially removing the desktop background on both client and teacher) and
      1. set the Tutor / Preferences / to “Slow WLAN
      2. possibly update the video driver on the teacher station, using Windows Update or, preferably, the manufacturer’s version
      3. try to replicate the problem, but keep the Sanako logs.
    2. Now we are trying to replicate he issue without the teacher station frozen, so that we have access to the logs.
  2. 2 hard crashes during one class
    1. The first one
      1. on “Autoscanning” (cycling screensharing connections to student PC’s)
      2. image
      3. The first one took me by surprise, the computer hung completely,  I could not bring up process manager nor taskkill the tutor, had to power cycle, at considerable interruption to the the class.
      4. However, here I got some problem details from windows: image
  3. The 2nd one
    1. also occurred during “Autoscanning”. image
    2. This time, however, not the Autoscan itself brought the  system down, but only when I tried to resize the autoscan window by dragging and dropping the border (video-intensive?).
    3. I got a performance notification from Windows (not legible here, but something to the amount of “your computer is dangerously slow”): image
    4. I managed to task kill the tutor: image
    5. I got some more diagnostics help from Windows which notified me that my “Windows Color scheme” had to be downgraded to “Basic”: 358
  4. Dell Optiplex 760 (B6CCLK1)
    1. 4GB,
    2. graphics chip: Y103D    Card, Graphics, 256, Loop, OUGA6; original driver Video: AMD Radeon HD3450 256M, v.8.593 WHQL Vista, A05 with DUP (101 MB)
    3. dual screen (1024*768 secondary, 1920*1080 primary – I remember having hard hangs on this system when attempting to drag Autoscan Windows of Sanako Stuy 1200 Tutor ver. 5.2 across 2 dual screens of the same size on Windows XP )
    4. Win 7 (64bit).
  5. No eventvwr or Sanako log data since PC was frozen…

"Server busy” error?

  1. This dialogue appears regularly on student log in: image
  2. Update: This seems to have disappeared in the 2nd half of the term.