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Windows XP user profiles copy to greyed out ?

  1. Problem:
    1. For all profiles, not only for the logged in profile… Not likely a permissions problem? I can delete
    2. 201202-copy-testuser-final
  2. Solution:
    1. “if you’ve ever been logged into a profile without rebooting you won’t be able to copy that profile either. So you might have to restart before you can copy the profile.”
    2. or use shutdown /r when connecting via MSTSC.

How to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager for computer lab access instead of having to manage faculty computers

  1. We have conflicting needs for a language technology software environment: diversity, simplicity, quality, manageability. We use of software configuration management tools like TEM. However, we are sitting between an extremely diverse user base (supporting 17 languages) in our unit and a central IT support with a diverse base of units to support.
  2. Enter MSTSC, facilitated by Remote Desktop Connection Manager: image. If your LRC allows for MSTSC access, consider providing faculty access to a LRC computers via Remote Desktop.
  3. this is for us a great time saver, compared with maintaining subsets of software on subsets of faculty computers that are as similar to the configuration of the subset software on LRC computers as possible,
  4. while for faculty at the same time a realistic test bed what it will be like to operate LRC computers  during class.
  5. We provide access to a subset (which is easily set and edited in the RDG file loaded into Remote Desktop Connection Manager, which is stored on a shared network drive so that we can update the connection files without disruption of faculty access should  there be network changes) since we teach faculty  not to log out currently logged in users when they try to connect, but rather choose another computer from the subset that is free to not. We exclude computers   used in classes where we frequently have high-stakes exams. We also have high-stakes assignments (using Respondus Lockdown browser)
  6. we put a shortcut to the Remote Desktop Connection Manager on the start menu or desktop.
  7. Our computer numbering scheme is simple enough for faculty to navigate – besides, since we connect only to the uniform LRC PC environment, it does not matter. image

Solved: Cannot remote desktop into 2nd Microsoft account on Windows 8

  1. MSTSC’ing from the remote computer simply fails with a non-descriptive error message.
  2. However, if you get as far as the remote computer login screen, you get a valuable hint: Your 2nd Microsoft account has not been added to the Remote Desktop Users Group (presumably this happens by default when you create your first Microsoft account). 20130326_222112
  3. To fix this, log in as admin on your Windows 8 machine (either locally or remotely with  an account which is in the Remote Desktop Users Group), windows key+f, “users”, click on “settings”, and  use the direct shortcut to “remote desktop users group” to add the user in question (with the Microsoft account email) to the permitted users group.
      1. image
  4. Adding what I believed was the local account equivalent  of the 2nd Microsoft account via desktop / windows-ley x/ “computer management” / “users and groups” to the “remote desktop users group” did not work.
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How to remote desktop from a vertical dual-monitor config on MS-Vista (and up) to MS-Vista (and up)

Just let mstsc figure it out: mstsc /span /v:<servername>

Trying to feed the resolution /v and /h commandline parameters did fail.

The new span dual monitor support in the MS-Vista  MSTSC does not only support horizontal monitor configurations (mine are 2*w:1050*H:1680), seems a tad slow, though).

Remote Desktop Users group?


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How to run Windows Media Center during a Remote Assistance Session

  1. The /gdi switch for Windows Media Center allows for operating Windows Media Center full screen during
    1. Windows Live Messenger Remote Assistance sessions if you have to help a relative over the internet.
    2. Should also work in MSTSC Remote Desktop sessions if you manage media with Windows Media Center on your work network.
  2. You can combine the above switch e.g. with the program guide shortcut to go directly there: /homepage:VideoGuide.xml /PushStartPage:True
  3. Put the following in the “Target” field of your shortcut that you start on the remote computer (running Windows7 32-but here) during your remote assistance session:
  4. %windir%\ehome\ehshell.exe /nostartupanimation /gdi /homepage:VideoGuide.xml /PushStartPage


  5. Voilà, or rather: “Dem Inschenör ist nichts zu schwör”.
  6. wmc-gdi-remote-assistance1

Blackboard: Content System: Ancillary digital textbook material reuse (publish to course participants, roll-over between terms)

If you have a well administered language program, your admin should have uploaded all digital (text, audio, textbook and table of contents) materials that come with your textbook for convenient reuse between sections and terms into the Blackboard content system.

As a Blackboard course administrator, you can easily give all course participants access in 1 step (as course administrator, you can also access the audio materials during classes from the Blackboard content system directly).

Here is a video recording of a real-world walkthrough of this process – voice-over is in German, but Blackboard interface is in English:  blackboard-content-system-finding-adding-existing-content-item-to-course-access-play.wmv

Start Time



overview of teaching and learning procedure


course add item / content collection link


how to search for content. Remember: Search is your friend, if you have a consistent metadata system for your content (start with meaningful file names):


hot to add permissions for other users


add to course for for students


listen to an example audio from course

Once you have given course participants access to the audio materials, and you teach the course again next term, it is even easier to roll over the access: Just use the Copy link in the Blackboard Control Panel.