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Another possible cause for WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR: Overheating?

  1. Problem:
    1. Win8.1. System experiences terrible slow downs.
    2. Eventually  even BSODs with whea_uncorrectable_errors crop up.
  2. Root Cause:
    1. Trying to do root cause analysis, I consider:
      1. Search for “Windows woes after 8.1 upgrade” (online searches lead to results, but seem not applicable here).
      2. Internet (speed test shows normal): image
      3. Virus: I have Window Essentials, but also try Malwarebytes – prognosis negative.
      4. GPU (Bitcoin miner?), CPU. GPU-Z shows no problem there : image
      5. CPUID HWMonitor to the rescue: GPU utilization looks good here also, but what is this with the CPU temperatures?!?! image
    2. On opening up the case and examining the CPU: poorly managed cable blocked the fan heat sink.
  3. Solution: Cable ties! (This new video card install proved more expensive than it should).
  4. Other thoughts:
    1. Why did Windows Performance Metering show the apparently throttled CPU still as mostly idle (It still showed single digit percentages for CPU utilization even when computer was positively crawling)?

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Your camera roll backup to OneDrive may not be turned on automatically on the MS-Surface after all

  1. Swipe from the right, tab on “Settings”, “Change PC Settings”.
  2. On the next page in the left menu, tab on “OneDrive”, and check: SHIVA - Screenshot (5)
  3. Turn it on. If necessary, start OneDrive, give it some time, then check in OneDrive whether your photos from your Surface camera get uploaded: image
  4. My automatic camera roll backup may have been off
    1. due to an initial problem setting up OneDrive  on my MS-Surface
    2. due to a path that was too long
    3. due to the fact that, in spite of trying the instructions to change this folder, my surface seems to insist on synching my OneDrive to a subfolder of my user folder: That, however, is a post for another day…

Intel HD 4000 a disappointment even in 2D…

  1. I did not expect anything great of INTEL HD’s 3d performance, and I do not need it.
    1. I thought, however, I could get away with the  HD4000 which is part of my I5-3570k.
    2. first disappointment: my board comes with HDMI, DVI and VGA, but HD4000 supports only up to 2 screens at a time.
    3. System is unbalanced, slowed down.
    4. Winsat seems to indicate, why:  image
    5. Seems poorly balanced by Intefor the most common use case.
  2. After installing an  ASUS GT640-2GD (inexpensive, but supports 4 displays):
    1. And 4 (+2, the alignment is better than it appears in this photo stitch) instead of dual screens: CAM07458-Montage
    2. Still not great (and the 3d score drops actually), but seems much more usable during office work: CPUScore              : 7.8
      D3DScore              : 6.4
      DiskScore             : 8.05
      GraphicsScore         : 6.4
      MemoryScore           : 7.8
    3. Especially efficient is the support of 4 displays without need for equipment supporting Displayport:
    4. No full screen spanning support in the driver (monitors are not considered one large screen by Windows): good for window management with Aero Snap; not good for multimedia display spanning screens.

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Configuring UNCC staff (MS-Exchange 10) email on Android 4.1.2



May come in useful not only during initial setup… I had trouble sorting out the webpages addressing different versions, and translating the picture-less instructions, an so have others when they come to the LRC  for help. May this help some.

Google Calendar embedded aggregated calendar won’t show calendar names?

  1. When I add "Calendars to Display" in the "Google Embeddable Calendar Helper" ,
  2. Google calendar lets me select calendars I  added from iCal sources,
  3. but it does not "remember" the names I have given these calendars, image
  4. displaying only the default name "Calendar",
    1. both in the "Google Embeddable Calendar Helper" image
    2. and in the iframe embed:  image
  5. rendering the aggregation feature useless (Which is which?).
  6. Is there a workaround or hidden feature like a “name parameter” in the embed query-string? What is it? I cannot find it in the Google Calendar API reference.

MS-Surface RT unboxing