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How to fix “Print to OneNote”, “OneNote cannot find a page on which to insert your printout”

  1. This error kept popping up for me on OneNote 2013, but I gather it is a classic.
  2. I should have just taken the error message seriously and literally: Could I do better than OneNote and find a page where OneNote says it cannot?
  3. First, to find out where I and OneNote are supposed to be looking for this page, go to File / Options/ Send To OneNote and check which “print to “location you have set.
  4. This one here looks obviously suspicious (and does not exist – one would wish still when this location goes out of scope this could be flagged with a more transparent warning):
  5. image
  6. Change the location :
  7. image
  8. to one that actually exists:
  9. image
  10. or better maybe, for lack of a more transparent error checking if page goes out of scope, chose one of the other,  hopefully more robust options: image
  1. Thomas Brown
    2015/08/13 at 01:48

    I am getting the “onenote cannot find a page on which to insert your printout” error msg with onenote running in Windows 10. I have called HP technical support and they say I should contact Microsoft. The menu boxes you show here don’t seem to exist or at least they can’t be found clicking on anything that appears on the OneNote application screen, or printer device management screen for “SendToOneNote”. What am I supposed to do? Is this a problem that’s going to be fixed in an upcoming Windows 10 update?

    • 2015/10/20 at 20:08

      First try to find the “Send to OneNote” among the options page in your version of OneNote. Also, I do not have Windows 10, but recommend http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/onenote for help – make sure you give the version and what you have tried to find the option.

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