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Protected: Sanako Web browsing activity fails with Outlook web access

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Sanako Web browsing activity not compatible with modern web infrastructure (SunGard Portal, Outlook Web Access)?

  1. To access campus resources – here an assignment in a Moodle course – our students need to log into a SunGard portal (with SSO – a pretty common product in higher education)l, but already the redirection after login fails with this session expiration error.
    1. We could work around this problem by browsing to the target site and logging into Moodle directly.  But our students normally do not know how to do that.
  2. More problems arose when students tried to open an email in their campus OWA, in a popup window, which, however, gets redirected to the first browser homepage.
  3. This was during an “open/prevent policy” web browsing-activity, where – to keep students on task – only certain sites (social web, webmail) were blocked.., as can be seen in this screenshot: webbrowsing-prevent-policy

Step-by-step how to set up a delegate for your mail account in MS-Outlook 2010 on MS-Exchange 2010


We are just using the default options here – explore more on your own, as you wish (e.g. Let someone else mind your busyness). You need to use MS-Outlook – I  don’t see an option in OWA to set up delegate access. But your delegate will carry over to OWA if you prefer to use the webmail client.


Next question: what does the delegate see/do?

Cancelling a meeting request in Outlook 2007

  1. Do not merely delete the meeting from your calendar;
  2. rather: open it and use the button: cancel meeting, like so: image

How to view the full MS-Exchange resource booking details in scheduling assistant

2013/08/13 3 comments
  1. If you set resource mailbox calendar default permissions  to “full details” like so: image
  2. you will get the benefit of seeing immediately the contact info of other bookers of the resource in the scheduling assistant , like so:
  3. image
  4. That is more personal and personable – in Outlook! In OWA of exchange 2010 sp2, you still do not, and you have to go through the full calendar (subscribed or published with full detail like in the view links here).
  5. Here is a little bonus for the recent commenter: You may have to trigger a refresh (wait time seemed bit enough). The information for the resources at the bottom I started seeing only after I switched back and forth between scheduling assistant/appointment/scheduling assistant view. image

How to organize your email by creating an Inbox rule in OWA

  1. This step-by-step GUIDE was written for filtering emails from our langlabemailer program (they happen to have “Your UNCC-LRC”  in the subject) into a separate folder so that users of the LRC keep the overview:
    1. students (longitudinally, for their language learner ePortfolios) ,
    2. but especially teachers (of classes with up to 36 students, throughout the term).
  2. But you can easily adapt the guide to any other email purpose.
    1. Including other LRC workflows based on emails: LRC resource booking also relies on OWA emails. All email sent from LRC resource mailboxes have “LRC”  at the beginning of the user name and email address.
  3. In short: Options / Create an Inbox Rule / Click “ new” / choose a type / choose keywords / choose folder to sort the email into when it arrives. Or graphically:
  4. clip_image001
  6. clip_image002
  8. clip_image003
  10. clip_image004
  12. clip_image005
  14. clip_image006
  16. clip_image007
  17. clip_image008

How to respond to a poll for the best meeting time using Meeting Requests

This 30-sec video shows how to cycle through optional meeting time slots: While keeping an eye on the (red underlined)  time slot currently polled, click green checkmark or red cross, you will be moved through the messages automatically:

Takes merely a minute, a few mouse clicks, hardly any mouse moves, and will clean up your inbox and send your vote to me at the same time.

How to make (and cancel) a room/resource booking without conflict by sending a meeting request from OWA and OUTLOOK–the ultimate training…

…using animated .gifs. Note the update for Outlook (desktop) users at the bottom. (Slower? Click the Links.)You can not only book like this, but any resource listed here.If you need the classroom repeatedly or other advanced features, read on.

To Book:

0.25sec,0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, , 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec. 1.5sec

To Cancel booking (why so?):

0.25sec,0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, , 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec.

Both book and cancel booking: Compact: 0.25sec,0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, , 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec. 1.5sec Or including unmarked frames: 0.25sec, 0.5sec, 0.75sec, 1sec, 1.5sec, 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec, 6sec, 7sec, 8sec, 9sec, 10sec.

And now in addition 2 screencasts (make/cancel reservation) for our OUTLOOK (desktop) users: