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Configuring UNCC staff (MS-Exchange 10) email on Android 4.1.2



May come in useful not only during initial setup… I had trouble sorting out the webpages addressing different versions, and translating the picture-less instructions, an so have others when they come to the LRC  for help. May this help some.

How staff can connect their smart phones to Ninermail

Including Calendars, useful if you need to receive a reminder for your LRC bookings. It is all documented here (but the student instructions are on top of the search results, which may be confusing to some):

Replace clickers with students’ phones using

  1. polleverywhere-with-sms
  2. allows teachers to set up polls with answer options that students choose by sending a number code as text message.
  3. Pro’s
    1. Freemium.
    2. Low- to No- university infrastructure requirements. Best-used in a non-computerized classroom or during startup time of students’ computers.
    3. Content can be managed online.
  4. Con’s
    1. Freemium:
      1. “You get what you pay for”. “You may be the business”. What happens with your data
      2. Not free for students unless you consider a phone plan that comes with unlimited texts free. With increasing use of other messaging options over SMS, that may be not a given even if you deal mostly with an affluent student population.
    2. Low- to No- university infrastructure requirements:
      1. you are relying on students providing the infrastructure. Are they better keeping their phones in service  (on them, charged, turned on) than we are keeping our computer labs up and running?
      2. you are relying on mobile network operators, including the choices of operator that your students made.
    3. Anonymous: Not useful for assessment purposes.
    4. The number codes are long (6 digits, while 1 could be sufficient).
  5. Competitors
    1. The university has a clicker infrastructure which is partially outsourced to students (purchase and bring).
    2. The LRC has a Classroom Management system infrastructure which supports clicker-like activities.
      1. Sanako Study 1200 comes with Live Feedback and Voting.
      2. NetOp School comes with an examination/polling feature also.

Using geolocation information in photos for documentation?

  1. During documentation writing today, I noticed that my WlGallery suddenly (?) started displaying the geotags in pictures taken with my Palm Pixi which I set a long time ago to store (and share) location information. I t looks like this has started working  earlier, but gone unnoticed. pixi-wlgallery-geotag I also looks like it uses cell tower triangulation, not GPS data (when the latter is not available?): pixi-wlgallery-geotag2 At such a granularity, this feature can not be useful for generating documentation. But maybe for excursions?
  2. But seems still a bit iffy, on the Pixi side of things: I am pretty sure that previously, I could not see geotags in my photos, even though I tried several image metadata viewers. Also, the Pixi does not always add geotags: is this limited to pictures taken when there are network connectivity issues?
  3. Also seems like editing operations in wlgallery, including create panorama, “eat” the geotags in the output image….