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Your camera roll backup to OneDrive may not be turned on automatically on the MS-Surface after all

  1. Swipe from the right, tab on “Settings”, “Change PC Settings”.
  2. On the next page in the left menu, tab on “OneDrive”, and check: SHIVA - Screenshot (5)
  3. Turn it on. If necessary, start OneDrive, give it some time, then check in OneDrive whether your photos from your Surface camera get uploaded: image
  4. My automatic camera roll backup may have been off
    1. due to an initial problem setting up OneDrive  on my MS-Surface
    2. due to a path that was too long
    3. due to the fact that, in spite of trying the instructions to change this folder, my surface seems to insist on synching my OneDrive to a subfolder of my user folder: That, however, is a post for another day…

How to bind files to PDF with eXpert PDF Creator

  1. I tried PDF Editor (mind you, old version! 6 which I still have around from a promotion – nice software, though) first, including its help.
  2. Use Batch Creator instead,
  3. uncheck “Create multiple Documents”
  4. then you will be prompted for a (new) filename for the bound files.
  5. expert-pdf-editor
  6. Then click the “save” icon  in the upper right menu.

LRC classroom usage 2013/4


Intel HD 4000 a disappointment even in 2D…

  1. I did not expect anything great of INTEL HD’s 3d performance, and I do not need it.
    1. I thought, however, I could get away with the  HD4000 which is part of my I5-3570k.
    2. first disappointment: my board comes with HDMI, DVI and VGA, but HD4000 supports only up to 2 screens at a time.
    3. System is unbalanced, slowed down.
    4. Winsat seems to indicate, why:  image
    5. Seems poorly balanced by Intefor the most common use case.
  2. After installing an  ASUS GT640-2GD (inexpensive, but supports 4 displays):
    1. And 4 (+2, the alignment is better than it appears in this photo stitch) instead of dual screens: CAM07458-Montage
    2. Still not great (and the 3d score drops actually), but seems much more usable during office work: CPUScore              : 7.8
      D3DScore              : 6.4
      DiskScore             : 8.05
      GraphicsScore         : 6.4
      MemoryScore           : 7.8
    3. Especially efficient is the support of 4 displays without need for equipment supporting Displayport:
    4. No full screen spanning support in the driver (monitors are not considered one large screen by Windows): good for window management with Aero Snap; not good for multimedia display spanning screens.

“To rely on raw MT output is almost as bad an idea as getting a full-body tattoo in a language you don’t speak.”

“Hanzi Smatter, a blog, received a picture of a biker who got a computer-translated “Ride Hard Die Free” tattooed in huge Chinese characters down his torso. The only problem was that he got “die” in the sense of a “tool used for stamping or shaping metal” permanently inked on his body, probably because nothing like “die free” was in the translator’s training texts. (It also translated “free” as “free of charge”.)” (from: Johnson: Rise of the machine translators, Economist Jun 4th 2014). However, “using MT, plus post-editing, has cut translation time by 40% for” DELL.  Good use of Machine Translation seems all about “blending” resources intelligently, while managing expectations – like eLearning. Like most things in life Smiley.