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Windowing system infinite loop on windows 8.1

  1. Rather annoying, no getting out of this loop, endless window foreground switching, but also unclear about the screen resolution, it seems. Ha
  2. Oh, wait, I changed the dpi scaling, but chose to not log off, has that got something to do with this? Well, I have seen this loop behavior before, and I also frequent get terrible slowdowns which I have not been able to do root cause analysis for (also video-related? or network? )
  3. Either way, likely related frequent explorer crashes which downgrade from aero. Sometimes I lose Aero’s advanced task scheduler completely, here I have a screenshot of it just coming back: CAM07615
  4. Have not been able to find other similar problem / but reports – something wrong with my setup then? (never mind that my camera has its own infinite loop auto focus bug.

When does Sanako Helper fail to restart student.exe

  1. When original login on the machine was via mstsc. And no audio hardware disables the sanako need to start student manually once afterLocal login? Similar with tutor.exe which you need to restart after local login.
  2. We observed this before this term for Sanako Study 1200 under  Win 7 also when students logged in.
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Protected: How to get rid of “Restart your computer to apply these changes” in a deepfrozen computer lab

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Student crash and pop warning related?

Indicators that they might be: the crash is in audio. Dll. The hardware pnp dialogue may be rated to the sanako headset install. We did not see either error last term. Did both errors disappear on the machines (which so far?) that we unfroze to get rid of the hardware reminder? Then we should unfreeze all to apparently finish the hardware install. This happens with either me or the students logged in.


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Faculty equipment in need of labelling

faculty equipment experts need to spot this.

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Sanako Web browsing activity not compatible with modern web infrastructure (SunGard Portal, Outlook Web Access)?

  1. To access campus resources – here an assignment in a Moodle course – our students need to log into a SunGard portal (with SSO – a pretty common product in higher education)l, but already the redirection after login fails with this session expiration error.
    1. We could work around this problem by browsing to the target site and logging into Moodle directly.  But our students normally do not know how to do that.
  2. More problems arose when students tried to open an email in their campus OWA, in a popup window, which, however, gets redirected to the first browser homepage.
  3. This was during an “open/prevent policy” web browsing-activity, where – to keep students on task – only certain sites (social web, webmail) were blocked.., as can be seen in this screenshot: webbrowsing-prevent-policy

This is just a (iframe with google calendar on test

CHNS2202 exercise page

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