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iMac Imaging documentation

How we improve client service through changes to the reception desk computer image

  1. These browser windows will now load automatically when student staff logs into the reception desk computers:
    1. Safari: In the entrance area, we display the live calendar of LRC events and services, containing the schedule of events (classes and other room and computer bookings from our bookable resources): uncc-lrc-calendar-reception1
    2. Internet explorer
      1. is used by clients exclusively
      2. displays only the 49erexpress login screen in full screen
      3. clients do not close, but only log off
      4. dependent application windows can be opened from there
        1. Moodle 
        2. Ninermail
    3. Firefox
      1. is used by LRC Assistants exclusively
      2. better overview thanks to fewer duplicate tabs
      3. immediate access to online spreadsheets
        1. bookable LRC resources
        2. film collection
        3. Moodle teaching resources
      4. LRC homepage, displayed for walk-in clients in the entrance area: lrc-coed433-reception-client-welcome-screen

Collections of online dictionaries

  1. Here you can haz dictionaries. And if you use them in the Language Resource Center, you even have the chance to  run into someone who can show you how to use them well.

How to make a tally on student staff performance

  1. We have a “Do’s and Don’ts” checklist for student workersas a Word web app
    1. easy to view/print for student staff,
    2. easy to update/print (and stash the work places with) for permanent staff – where each item has their point value.
  2. We have a tally of points earned (sorry, permanent staff only)  by temp staff member with date+time and explanation in Excel Web app which can be easily updated with observations by permanent staff when walking the LRC floor

How a teacher creates a Moodle file upload assignment for writing

2012/01/30 1 comment
  1. In your Moodle course, turn editing on, choose Assignment: Advanced upload of files (required for response file from teacher). 
  2. Provide name and instructions. Choose the desired options (uploading one file is enough):w-2
  3. A gradebook column will be automatically created, and will be initially empty.w0c-gb-whole
  4. Instruct your students how to take the MS-Word upload assignment, and when (if you leave the default availability/due date on, the assignment will automatically appear in their Moodle Calendar, and can appear in their Ninermail calendar).

Problem with Endnote and Word 2010 on Teacher computer

  1. errors abound when opening word:
  2. endnote-template-error
  3. word-endnote
  4. endnote-com-addin-disabling-by-admin
  5. workaround: disable endnot Add-inendnote-template-disable
  6. more errors when having recovered documents in the document template.
  7. Workaround: start MS-word in safe mode, clean the document recovery template.

Protected: Novell migration and drive letter mapping

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How a student uses the Sanako Recorder Voice Insert mode for Moodle comparative recording exercises

2012/01/25 2 comments
  1. to load a file
    1. from Moodle:
      1. Find your assignment with the model audio file, presumably in your Moodle course.
      2. download the model audio file
      3. open the Sanako Student Recorder (introduction).
      4. go to menu: file / open, and open the file you downloaded
    2. from student recorder playlist: double-click the file.
  2. enable voice insert:
    1. To activate voice insert (which is a toggle that changes the behavior of the other buttons)
      1. either go to tools/ voice insert mode
      2. or click the voice insert button sanako-student-player-voice-insert (darker shade of brown = OFF; tooltip should say “Toggle Voice Insert OFF”, meaning: it is ON now)
  3. press the green play button to listen until you reach the point (your teacher may have inserted a pause or aural cue) where you can repeat  or respond.
  4. Then click the red speak-button sanako-student-player-speak to repeat after/respond to the source/teacher
  5. When you are done repeating/responding, press the green play-button.
  6. At the end, press the blue stop-button.
  7. Rewind and review your recording (e.g. compare your pronunciation with the teacher’s model).
  8. When done, click file / save as and save only your, the student track, as mp3 or wma.
  9. Additional notes:
    1. TBA: you can overwrite your pronunciation where you deem necessary.
    2. Fixed in Sanako 7: you cannot show the voice graph when in Voice insert mode – both are incompatible.
    3. To see in action how to record with voice insert and save the student track, view
      1. this step-by-step screencast
      2. this demo screen cast
    4. The previous is just a step-by-step for our environment based on the Sanako Study 1200 documentation which follows here:
    5. sanako-student-player-voice-insert1
    6. sanako-student-player-voice-insert2