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The Films on Demand subscription of Atkins library

  1. Benefits:
    1. provides access to over ten thousand streaming videos.
    2. image
    3. including world languages: image
  2. Remaining Problems:
    1. 741 titles for World languages is not a lot (additional materials may be applicable to language learning, but I do not see the most commonly  requested foreign language films used in the department which we are currently trying to rescue across the demise of VHS). Any particular silo of information is not comprehensive (given the power of the network effect, YouTube wins hands-down most if the times),
    2. any content is difficult to integrate into a language skill curriculum,
    3. any added interface  restrictions may make it more difficult, not more stable,
    4. not unlike YouTube, files you may have used, even linked, can get removed.
    5. the website seems to be available only on campus – even if you are logged into your campus account  (university VPN will likely help, and not, given that it has video throughput issues).

How students access language learning materials on the Library ereserves system

  1. Note the important update in red below.
  2. This has been tested at post date with Firefox. ereserves seems to be not compatible with Internet Explorer 8: irealplayer-cannot-open-ram-from-ereserves-in-ie8
  3. On the Library home page, from the top menu: “Research & Course Help”, choose menu item: “Course Reserves” (or, if this menu changes again, I have a hunch that deeplinking may be more stable:,  what’s in a URL…),
  4. sign in with your Ninernet ID,
  5. enter search term
    1. select from the dropdown “search by name”, an enter part of your course name in the textbox,
    2. or click on tab:”Course Reserves Pages by Instructor”, and from the dropdown, select your instructor,
  6. click search,
  7. then select your course from the results grid.
  8. ereserve-search-result-page-example-name=french
  9. Enter the password, which has been given to your by your instructor.
  10. ereserve-password-page
  11. In the results grid, click on the desired chapter and tracks. Note: You need to disable your web browser”s “popup blocker”.
  12. In the popup window, click on link: “More information”,
  13. when offered, , like in this screenshot:
  14. you cannot save the file,  or rather: only a text file with links to the audio which you cannot play, like rtsp:// That is by design.
  15. Instead of trying to save, select to “open” the file. You need have a streaming audio playing software installed, like Real Player or the open source VLC-Player.
  16. instead of VLC, as offered by default, like so : ram-download-fail
  17.  choose “Open with”, “Other”, pick “RealPlayer” from the list, like so:realplayer-cannot-open-ram-from-ereserves-but-from-firefox
  18. Here is a more on what does not work with ereserves. The only combination I could get to work with eReserves streaming audio is  – see resulting screencast (requires Windows Media Player) of streaming a long file successfully  – is RealPlayer 14, Firefox 3.6 on Windows XP3, and that only after resetting the Winsock catalog which I can do for the entire LRC only nownext time the lab is reimaged. For now, use instead audio from Moodle metacourses where possible.