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LRC classroom usage 2013/4


Summary of the LRC main classroom use in year 2012/3


(Tentative while experimenting with Calendaranalytics).

Sanako Spring 2013 Newsletter is out: Nottingham University now boasts 11 Sanako Study 1200 language labs…


…for about the same size undergraduate student body (wow!), emphasizes need for training (I trained in their lab when it was still a  Sanako Lab 300). Read the whole Sanako Spring 2013 newsletter here.

My thank-you for over 100,000 views…

… is a little Online Tool to handle GUIDs. I missed the 100,000th visit coming through the front door image, but the tool was also posted a short while ago.

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What does your computerized classroom look like to you?

Language Lab: Silly fun for crash test dummies, or were you hoping to get there faster than on foot?

What does your computerized classroom feel like?

Language lab: You can get there fast, but only if you know how to land, not crash.

Protected: Report on LRC classroom usage for language classes in Fall 2012

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