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How NLP and IR and LG are used by spammers now



You need to know a little bit about “yours truly” to find this spam comment interesting (which, if you follow the links, eventually leads to a discount wrist watches site).

Protected: How you can automate giving your teachers access to your Sanako language lab in the offices and from home

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“Clickonce” to download Langlabemailer (BETA)

After receiving the response to your request for a download link, click the link in the response to go the download page, and on that page click the button: “Install”.langlabemailer-clickonce

Next:Install. Or Langlabemailer (table of contents).

How a teacher can easily restart the Sanako Study 1200 licensing classroom server when experiencing a crash

  1. Try  clicking and running this (, if you see that:
  2. image
  3. this is for
    1. if your sanako tutor hangs with status message "verifying tutor" and you are confronted with the error dialogue "Connection to the communication platform has been disconnected and the system is not able to communicate with the classroom server anymore"
    2. And if you run the classroom server on the same computer as the tutor (as we do)
    3. And if you have checked  your "network connection",  like gone to a website, and it is restored (e.g.  If you simply had unplugged your  the cable)? 
    4. And if you do not want to "restart your system if needed" since, as in our case, that takes a big chunk time out of your class
  4. Hint:  this can’t fix your network if that is the root cause, but may be able to work around temporary service outages.

Protected: How a teacher can give students aural feedback on oral exams using the Sanako Study 1200 Lite Recorder

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How to respond to a poll for the best meeting time using Meeting Requests

This 30-sec video shows how to cycle through optional meeting time slots: While keeping an eye on the (red underlined)  time slot currently polled, click green checkmark or red cross, you will be moved through the messages automatically:

Takes merely a minute, a few mouse clicks, hardly any mouse moves, and will clean up your inbox and send your vote to me at the same time.

More Deepfreeze maintenance spontaneous reboots

This is not after hours of inactivity, merely minutes, and – compare the file dates – well within during opening hours