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How Teachers grade Student recordings from the Sanako Lab 300

  1. Teacher on their office PC (MAC users talk to OTS at can press  windows-key+e, and in the window, that opens,
  2. browse to the student mp3 recordings in the “studentcollect” folder or in “their” folder on S:\[put teacher name here] (no S: drive on office PC? read the “Shortcuts” section on, right hand side, under my portrait),
  3. open the student recording file, either by doubleclicking to, presumably, open it in  Windows Media Player, or, preferably, by selecting multiple files, right-clicking and chosing “Open with” to open them for comparative grading in Audacity).

How students make audio recordings using Sanako Lab300 Media Assistant

  1. Open Sanako Media Assistant
  2. Click Button:Record
  3. Say what you have to say, into headset mic
  4. Click Button:Stop
  5. Menu: File / Save As
  6. Browse to your teacher’s folder
  7. Per your teacher’s instructions, name the file
  8. Leave the default  format as is (mp3) and click button:save
  9. Allow the assistant to finish saving
  10. Click Button: Play to review your recording, using the headset
  11. If you need to redo the recording, click menu: File / New
  12. Start over.

MS-Office Communicator: Getting Started , click , type “communicator”, click .

To adjust options, click (1), (2) and (3) here:

To start communicator with Windows, select (1).

To have Outlook automatically show you as busy during calendar appointments (e.g. your classes), select (4).

To get your contact list up to speed, select all the contacts in the to-address line of a mass email  and drag them to your communicator window, see this screencast here: communicator-email-contact-drag.wmv.

Microsoft has a useful “Getting Started”  web-based training here:

To use the advanced features of Live Meeting, you can either use the context menu of the contact, or within an existing messaging session, escalate to Live Meeting by using the upper right hand corner menu, like in these 2 screnshots: