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MS-Office Communicator: Tips for using: Screen-Sharing

Here is a successful real-world example of a screen-sharing session on getting shared calendars set up using MS-Exchange and/or MS-SharePoint.

Think of screen-sharing session as an online or virtual meeting which, while less time-consuming than a real meeting, aids in communicating, maybe even more so than the former, since the topics themselves are online/”virtual”. If you provide computer support to family members in different parts of the world, you may be familiar with “Remote Assistance” form MS-Windows XP. I have always regretted that such technology is not used more for the support needs in HE environments, since I first used it at Lycos-Bertelsmann in March 2000.

It demos how MS-Communicator allows you to start a text-messaging session, based on presence in your contacts list, and then, if need be, can easily ‘”escalate” to sharing your screen. Not quite as easy as handing papers around in a “real” meeting, but much more useful

communicator-email-contact-drag.wmv (TBA: find start and escalation – left as an exercise to the reader)

MS-Office Communicator: Getting Started , click , type “communicator”, click .

To adjust options, click (1), (2) and (3) here:

To start communicator with Windows, select (1).

To have Outlook automatically show you as busy during calendar appointments (e.g. your classes), select (4).

To get your contact list up to speed, select all the contacts in the to-address line of a mass email  and drag them to your communicator window, see this screencast here: communicator-email-contact-drag.wmv.

Microsoft has a useful “Getting Started”  web-based training here:

To use the advanced features of Live Meeting, you can either use the context menu of the contact, or within an existing messaging session, escalate to Live Meeting by using the upper right hand corner menu, like in these 2 screnshots: