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MS-Office Communicator: Tips for using: Screen-Sharing

Here is a successful real-world example of a screen-sharing session on getting shared calendars set up using MS-Exchange and/or MS-SharePoint.

Think of screen-sharing session as an online or virtual meeting which, while less time-consuming than a real meeting, aids in communicating, maybe even more so than the former, since the topics themselves are online/”virtual”. If you provide computer support to family members in different parts of the world, you may be familiar with “Remote Assistance” form MS-Windows XP. I have always regretted that such technology is not used more for the support needs in HE environments, since I first used it at Lycos-Bertelsmann in March 2000.

It demos how MS-Communicator allows you to start a text-messaging session, based on presence in your contacts list, and then, if need be, can easily ‘”escalate” to sharing your screen. Not quite as easy as handing papers around in a “real” meeting, but much more useful

communicator-email-contact-drag.wmv (TBA: find start and escalation – left as an exercise to the reader)

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