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Mousewithoutborders, software KVM from Microsoft

  1. Mousewithoutborders, a free tool from Microsoft, allows you to control, from one keyboard and mouse two (or more) computers on the same network. These could be – as in my case – a laptop temporarily placed on the same desk as a desktop, or a desktop next to a server (if you do not run it headless anyway).
  2. Limitations
      1. Mousewithoutborders needs to control the Windows Firewall which is at work, in a domain administrator controlled windows network, disabled – so no luck getting it to work at the office desk, where it would be even more useful.
      2. For my Mousewithoutborders setup, to not exhibit connection issues, it seems crucial that both local and remote machine a checked in the matrix, and you even may have to type the network name of the remote computer.
        1. While initially, my network configuration was autodiscovered and the clients on the two computers that I try to control from one keyboard and mouse autoconnected, once I type the ID key into both installations
        2. Later, after I once used the “Clear”-button to cut the connection (when I temporarily had to physically reconfigure the arrangement of the two computers where the mouse movement across screens interrupted the new work flow)
        3. they lost their connection, and also could not discover the other client, when I requested reconnection (using the practical keyboard shortcut  option form the “Other Options”tab: one client managed to remember the other, but “timed out”trying to connect; the other client I could not get to remember or autodiscover the other client), until I manually checked the checkbox next to the computer icon (screen icon  turns blue) and typed the network name of the other computer into the textbox. Glad that I have the functionality back now…
        4. mousewithoytborders-get2connect-checkbox-checked-networkname-typedmousewithoytborders-get2connect-checkbox-checked-networkname-typed-connected

Outlook secondary accounts error: “Cannot display folder”

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Deutsche Welle ends her live German program streaming today

2011/10/29 5 comments
  1. Too bad: deutsche welle dwelle ends german program 201110
    1. And in those last news: “The Chinese government demands reforms in the Euro-zone before providing financial help”.
  2. I remember a time when Deutsche Welle was available during family vacation only via short wave radio. Now, the on-demand offerings of the Deutsche Welle will be expanded. They are more useful for language learning than live streaming anyway.

MS-Engkoo glossing of Chinese newspaper text

  1. Learners of Mandarin can increase not only their cross-cultural knowledge, when using the English versions of two of the biggest Chinese newspapers: “China Daily has adopted Engkoo’s “hover translation” feature—hover your cursor over an English word or phrase and get an inline Chinese translation— on its China-facing website” and the People’s Daily, the largest official newspaper in China, uses the same feature in its English website”
  2. Make sure you are on the right version (English version for Chinese user) of the site (china daily versionare the choices you want to see on top) and “Enable Bing Dictionary”in lower right corner: china daily engkoo enable_thumb[1]
  3. Then hover: china daily engkoo example_thumb[1].

ECAR National Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2011 Report released

  1. The Educause ECAR for 2011 Lists among its top actionable survey results: “Nail the basics. Help faculty and administrators support students’ use of core productivity software for academic work.
  2. Not a language learning specific result , but a reminder also for the LRC to prioritize:
    1. LRC posts onproductivity software”,
    2. and most of our students’ “academic work” lives online in Moodle.

Chinese newspapers

  1. China Daily is the largest Chinese newspaper available in English. It has a variety of versions: here is the version for the US, for cross-cultural learning, while the English version for speakers of Chinese is valuable both for learners of Mandarin and English.
  2. The government-run newspaper People’s Daily has an English version, also with language learner glossing.

MS-Bing Dictionary for Chinese learners of English–and vice versa?

  1. Link:, powered by Engkoo:
  2. This looks like a pretty evolved learning tool: It has instant suggestions that include usage information and translations.engkoo-bing-china-dictionary-learn
  3. Rich results that include contextual, parallel web-as-corpus matches in text and text-to-speech (that, on spot-checking, seems barely noticeably computer-generated). engkoo-bing-dictionary