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Can speech recognition tools be soundly applied for speaking practice in second language acquisition programs? Paper at SLRF 2014

For your convenience, I provide two versions of this presentation: the slide deck:

And a screencast of my presentation:

(Unfortunately, PowerPoint 2013 seems to have introduced a bug in alignment of narration and video. If they fix it, I will republish),

UNC-Charlotte Shortcuts

Archived Links: Need Help?For general computer problems call central Helpdesk: x75500 to get remote assistance on your computer. Or post to online or email help at Also check for campus-wide known issues on the ITS Alerts page. LRC-specific problems? 1st ask LRC help desk. Then email a photo of problem/screen from your phone to lrchelp at

LRC classroom usage 2013/4


Aggregate room and resource calendars for Overview


Our Drupal now allows Add to Calendar links.

  1. Neat: Click on the calendar icon at the end of the date line:
  2. image
  3. When prompted, Click open (which will stat your default file association for ICS files, likely MS-Outlook):
  4. image
  5. if necessary, add a suitable reminder, and click””save&close”image
  6. Your appointment, with location, will be put in your calendar and come alive when you need the reminder(and where, if you connect your other, home and mobile devices to MS-Exchange): image
  7. But as of yet, not everybody seems to be using this handy facility (I find myself manually copying over info into manually created appointments).
  8. Unfortunately, this is still only a static ICS file, not a subscription which would be automatically updated in your calendar if the originator/organizer changes the schedule.

Mapping of Language Student Locations using PowerView

  1. What do our language students call home? Based on a pivot-table that counts zip codes, let PowerView tell you, which is can now distributed as a free add-in for Excel 2013 Prof, but you need to enable it (under File / Options / Add-Ins).
  2. image
  3. Comes with a nifty zoom: image
  4. image
  5. Click, then Hover a data bubble for more info; image
  6. Like with Bing Maps Visualization, the weighting is surprising: image

Mapping of Language Student Locations using Bing Maps

  1. What do our language students call home? Based on a pivot-table that counts zip codes, let Bing Maps tell you, a default add-in easily accessible in the insert section of the ribbon:
  2. image
  3. Note a Limitation: Bing Maps max 100 data points. image
  4. So we limited to zip codes with at least 15 students (which returns just below 100 zip codes).
  5. Also note, the Bing maps app cannot be increased beyond a certain size (below is the maximum).image
  6. Finally, note  that the visualization does have a weight indicator, but it seems imperfect:
  7. image
  8. clip_image001
  9. Here is how data (type) input errors get handled (duplicates override the original):
  10. image
  11. Fix your data, the reload from the upper right unfoldable menu: imageimage
  12. Voilà: image

The Films on Demand subscription of Atkins library

  1. Benefits:
    1. provides access to over ten thousand streaming videos.
    2. image
    3. including world languages: image
  2. Remaining Problems:
    1. 741 titles for World languages is not a lot (additional materials may be applicable to language learning, but I do not see the most commonly  requested foreign language films used in the department which we are currently trying to rescue across the demise of VHS). Any particular silo of information is not comprehensive (given the power of the network effect, YouTube wins hands-down most if the times),
    2. any content is difficult to integrate into a language skill curriculum,
    3. any added interface  restrictions may make it more difficult, not more stable,
    4. not unlike YouTube, files you may have used, even linked, can get removed.
    5. the website seems to be available only on campus – even if you are logged into your campus account  (university VPN will likely help, and not, given that it has video throughput issues).