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How a teacher can start up the Sanako Study 1200 for her class

  1. The Sanako Tutor software starts automatically, when you log in on the teacher station in the LRC:  image
  2. Choose from “saved classes” what best you fits your class-size:
    1. “Both halfs” (still not the full classroom, due to lack of licenses),
    2. or, for small class sizes up to 16 computers, left or, preferably, right-half
  3. Students also need to log in, and class is not ready for the Sanako until all students show up as Student icons like the right me: image
    1. We can get there faster once we
      1. upgrade to faster computers
      2. fix that they manually have to choose their client
      3. have at least the teacher already log in from her office
    2. Hint: Log in yourself on a couple of student computers,  to have them ready for latecomers (easier to deal with them being logged in as you than if the class has to wait for 5-10 minutes).
  4. Then, choose how to display the students on your classroom map: image
  5. Finally,
    1. during your class’ first visit can play them this screencast introduction into Sanako digital audio lab procedures
    2. during later visits, you can refresh their knowledge of the basics in the digital audio lab with this slideshow.

Student users in the wrong time zone still cause problems with our equipment circulation system

  1. Imagine you are trying to pick up an item on local time, but the previous users will return it on Japan time – or (like in the example below)`vice versa. It happens all the time here …
  2. We can see the misconfiguration when opening the meeting in Outlook (Desktop), but we rarely do this. image
  3. What gets routinely done here is opening the meeting in the OWA of the organizer:
    1. is there an obvious way to see the time zone for the organizer?
    2. The best I have found is this, and it is anything but obvious, deeply hidden in the OWA settings dialogues. Any change with Office365?

Japanese Language Tools (Proofing, dictionary, furigana) in the LRC MS-Office 2010 installation

  1. Even if not showing in MS-Word’s Language selector),
    1. image
    2. clip_image002
  2. Even though there is no Japanese Thesaurus: clip_image003
  3. There are these tools:
    1. In the Research pane, "English Assistance: Japanese"  (in the ribbon / "Review" tab, Proofing section, press the clip_image004 , then  ALT-Click a character to start a lookup: 
    2. clip_image005
    3. a Japanese  Consistency Checker:clip_image006
    4. Furigana:
      1. To enable: clip_image007
      2. Result (in view / Web layout):  clip_image008
      3. Incidentally, my blog has not quite made it into the TOP 5 of MSW-Office help content: clip_image009
  4. In addition, for Office, but also beyond, there are the tools of the MS-Office Input method editor (which include dictionary help when you write): clip_image010

Changes in how to make a meeting request to resource mailboxes after students’ mid-term upgrade to Office365

  1. Update: We made a brief summary which you can read instead here.
  2. The interface has changed quite a bit, but don’t worry: the basic processes are still the same. Here is a very quick rundown:
  3. You now have to start from the Calendar / + new Event, like so:image and image
  4. To add resources
    1. Don’t try the “button:add room”, you will get this error:  image
    2. instead, either type the resource email address  image
    3. or click the + next to “Attendees’image
      1. and search the database for the “LRC[whatever]” resource,
        1. note: no need for a new window anymore
      2. and by double-clicking or clicking the + , from the search results, add the desired resources to the “Attendees”, finally click top menu: “OK” image
      3. or to remove spurious  ”Attendees”, right-click them: image
    4. to preview the availability, you can still click top menu: “Scheduling assistant”.
      1. Note that the “Scheduling Assistant”looks very different, not like a parallel timeline, more like a parallel calendars, you can choose form thee upper right
        1. either day view: image
        2. or week view: image
    5. and it tries to help you by giving more explicit information about conflicts: image
    6. when happy with how you scheduled your “event”, click top menu: “send”
    7. read the response
      1. unfortunately, there seems to be no “toast” (tested in Chrome on Windows 7 and Firefox on Window XP)
      2. there is, however, still a response
        1. “accept”
        2. or,”with explanation, “declined”: imageimage
      3. there seems to be also a bug that you cannot send messages to yourself (huh? investigating), ignore for the time being: image
    8. from the  “Event” in your calendar, you can still
      1. edit (including, for repeating events, single occurrence or series : image
      2. right-click the “Event” from the calendar and choose “cancel”, which still brings up a popup window where you have to “send”: image

New problem in Sanako Study 1200 version 7 with 2 student recorder exe’s running simultaneously on client, under different user accounts?

  1. UPDATE: Also an issue in the spring term on the teacher computer..
  2. UPDATE: still an issue in the spring term.
  3. 2nd 0542nd 055
  4. This cannot be good (brought this student down).
  5. How is this possible?
    1. Presumably the student logged out an admin during a Sanako activity (we frequently have to place late-coming students sit and use an administrator computer, but they do not always get at term start that they are not supposed to log the admin out and in)
    2. So this seems another (special) case of the recently observed student managing to exit the Sanako during an activity (helper.exe was running alright).

Run-shortcut missing from student start menu?


Sanako screen sharing is now too slow for the client machine..

… So that clients get suggested to downgrade to basic color scheme, in the middle of class. I saw this for the first time recently , after upgrade to Windows 7 and study 1200 version 7, on the teacher machine, same 4yr old dell optiplex 760.

PC31 still has only limited foreign languages writing support

Has the intl. Cpl , tab:administration workaround not been applied

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