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Changes in how to make a meeting request to resource mailboxes after students’ mid-term upgrade to Office365

  1. Update: We made a brief summary which you can read instead here.
  2. The interface has changed quite a bit, but don’t worry: the basic processes are still the same. Here is a very quick rundown:
  3. You now have to start from the Calendar / + new Event, like so:image and image
  4. To add resources
    1. Don’t try the “button:add room”, you will get this error:  image
    2. instead, either type the resource email address  image
    3. or click the + next to “Attendees’image
      1. and search the database for the “LRC[whatever]” resource,
        1. note: no need for a new window anymore
      2. and by double-clicking or clicking the + , from the search results, add the desired resources to the “Attendees”, finally click top menu: “OK” image
      3. or to remove spurious  ”Attendees”, right-click them: image
    4. to preview the availability, you can still click top menu: “Scheduling assistant”.
      1. Note that the “Scheduling Assistant”looks very different, not like a parallel timeline, more like a parallel calendars, you can choose form thee upper right
        1. either day view: image
        2. or week view: image
    5. and it tries to help you by giving more explicit information about conflicts: image
    6. when happy with how you scheduled your “event”, click top menu: “send”
    7. read the response
      1. unfortunately, there seems to be no “toast” (tested in Chrome on Windows 7 and Firefox on Window XP)
      2. there is, however, still a response
        1. “accept”
        2. or,”with explanation, “declined”: imageimage
      3. there seems to be also a bug that you cannot send messages to yourself (huh? investigating), ignore for the time being: image
    8. from the  “Event” in your calendar, you can still
      1. edit (including, for repeating events, single occurrence or series : image
      2. right-click the “Event” from the calendar and choose “cancel”, which still brings up a popup window where you have to “send”: image
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