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Old new problem in Sanako Study 1200 version 7 with 2 student recorder exe’s running simultaneously on client, under different user accounts?

  1. CAM04736
  2. This images is too low resolution, but I am trying to demonstrate that we still experience the same issue as in the fall: two users can be logged in simultaneously. In both cases ones was me. this can cause the language lab software to fail.
  3. If generally this is supposed to be prevented in our computing environment, what may be the root cause in these instances?
    1. I am pretty sure mstsc’ing has nothing to do with it. I do not remote into that PC usually.
    2. Is it possible for another user to log in when previous (administrative?) users got locked?

How students need to work around Sanako startup issues at start of 2014

UPDATE: Step 1 is not necessary anymore, Step2 (Microphone click) still is.

Sanako recorder needs to start up with default sidetone on


How to get started with the new text-to-speech support in Sanako 7

  1. With the new text-to-speech feature, students can generate their own pronunciation help:
  2. sanako-tts-1
  3. sanako-tts-2
  4. Using the button:Advanced settings, you can even
    1. vary the speed of,
    2. insert bookmarks to use with Sanako player
    3. or insert thinking pauses for the learner into the audio – excellent ideas, I find Smile!
  5. Unfortunately, the LRC currently has voices only for English and Mandarin. Extra voices cost extra Sad smile.
  6. Then there is Google translate text-to-speech, but that cannot be saved to file.

How to create a form on Google Apps

  1. If you want to collect input from others (including students outside of a course = Moodle), including recurring input from the same student (multiple submissions are the default andsingle submission limit can apparently only be enforced offwith JavaScript hacks)(.
  2. Do this to create a form in Google Apps:
  3. Here is what you can have your submitters see: imageimageimage
  4. Here is what you get:

Free interactive online learning materials for Heinle Interaction

  1. Available here – in spite of the prominent user login button, you do not need to sign up.
  2. Rather simply click the “Select Chapter” to get started. image
  3. You then have access to some of these types of exercises, per chapter: image
  4. Free (a (free) account is not needed):
    1. Tutorial Quiz
    2. Audio
    3. Web Search Activities
    4. Concentration
    5. Heinle Playlist
    6. Google Earth Coordinates
    7. Web Links
  5. Not free
    1. Flashcards
    2. Video (except for chapter 1 as taster) image
    3. Podcasts
    4. Crossword
    5. Chapter Glossary
  6. What this content is good for:
    1. Practicing. Including with a tutor, for since this content is not assessed, there is no ethical issue if the tutor helps with these materials.
    2. It is from edition 8, which is not the current edition – but I expect it to be still reasonably to the current chapters chapter:
      1. Le commerce et la consommation
      2. Modes de vie
      3. La vie des jeunes
      4. Les télécommunications
      5. La presse et le message
      6. Le mot et l’image
      7. Les transports et la technologie
      8. A la fac
      9. La francophonie
      10. Découvrir et se décourvir

MS-Surface RT unboxing

Protected: Facilitating equipment circulation and room booking with website calendar aggregation?

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