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How to publish an OWA calendar to the internet

  1. For lack of PowerShell access, we have to:
  2. sign in as the resource : image
  3. “click on publish” in the calendar’s context menu: image
  4. choose these settingsimage
    1. we do a lot of forensics and statistics, looking back throuhg the term, which is longer back than 3 months
    2. students do not need to book ahead at the beginning of the term for end-of-term projects, so we do not need 6 months forward;
  5. Result: image.

Design options for the departmental WordPress-based website using Widgets and Pages

  1. For layout design:
    1. Go to http://[yo r site’s URL here]/wp-admin, e.g., and log in (you need site admin privileges , like I have for the LRC site).
        1. In the left-hand menu, click on “appearance”/ “widgets
        2. You should see this: image
        3. to design your right sidebar, follow the instructions on top of the widget list (i.e. drag and drop, then unfold the widget in question by clicking on the down arrow to the right image to edit the appearance of the site.
  2. Pages”(in the left hand menu)
    1. are an afterthought in wordpress which was originally based on dated posts (for a diary-like web logs), but can be useful for not time-sensitive , stable areas/sections of your site.
    2. You can include a bulleted or numbered list which you periodically update manually  (click “edit” on the page)
    3. or, for frequently changing information (like lists of students), you can use a system that may have more initial learning curve, but in the long run makes updating easier
      1. embed an online spreadsheet from Google Apps or SkyDrive
      2. or embed an RSS feed like in the above example (if you have an RSS. provider).

How to fix cygwin extension "unable to start correctly 0xc000007b" on Windows 7 64-bit

In this instance, the cryptic message denoted a bitness problem: dcfldd (the extension in question, like so: for /f %i in ( ‘dir /b .\input’ ) do dcfldd.exe if=input\%i of=output\%i.jpg bs=1 skip=6) would not start in a Cygwin 64-bit environment. Installed cygwin 32-bit (and changed my path), and dcfldd worked fine.

How to quickly check if onboard audio is disabled on student PCs with Sanako headsets

  1. Sanako Study 1200 works best with its own Sanako SLH-07 headsets (they include a USB soundcard). When using these, it is best to completely disable the analog or other sound chip/card that came with your system (onboard). Usually, you can do this in the BIOS.
  2. Before you venture in there, an easy check on which computers is necessary is possible thanks to Audacity displaying the sound card options: Start Audacity form the desktop and look in the dropdowns under the top menu which sound devices Audacity has detected on the system:
    1. This example is form a PC where I had to fix it: 20130702_160932 . Audacity should not see the SoundMax if it has been disabled in the BIOS.
    2. And this is what audacity should see (the USB sound card that comes with the Sanako SLH-07): 20130702_160943

ELRA language corpora available in the LRC for research

The LRC has availed itself of a free research distribution of 55GB collection of language corpora from, the European Language Resources Association. This “big data” should be of interest for the translation program, as well as the language learning programs, since it enables corpus linguistic approaches to language learning and automated learning material production based on natural language processing.

Here is an overview of the materials included:


A list of files included can be found here:

More unsolicited Deepfreeze system reboots in the middle of working?

What gives? 20130702_170132

LRC Teacher podium AV switch

  1. Even though we may soon swap the switch,  here is how the AV switch needs to be connected for the teacher computer’s left screen to get projected to the dual projector screens:

How to fix exception: Sanako Graph Data not installed

  1. Problem: When trying to administer an oral exam, using model imitation, source: file, I could not, but rather I got this error 20130703_141106
  2. Root: The same feature had worked in the morning – however, then the Sanakorecorder interfered with the Sanako tutor. Turned out that the Sanako tutor had been installed over a Sanako Student recorder which caused the tutor pc to connect to itself (distracting, also potentially a liability since it eats up licenses if not managed). In between morning and afternoon exam, the student recorder was uninstalled, but without the required functionality testing afterwards. So this exam had to become the test.
  3. Workaround: Reinstall the student recorder. We used the “test the  Sanako installer” program on my home page to not delay the exam too much. 20130703_142634
  4. Solution: do not install the Sanako tutor over a student installation in the first place.
    1. Either remove the Student recorder after imaging the teacher station with the student image,
    2. or better, image the PC without the added baseline task “Student recorder”.