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Design options for the departmental WordPress-based website using Widgets and Pages

  1. For layout design:
    1. Go to http://[yo r site’s URL here]/wp-admin, e.g. http://lrc.unc.edu/wp-admin, and log in (you need site admin privileges , like I have for the LRC site).
        1. In the left-hand menu, click on “appearance”/ “widgets
        2. You should see this: image
        3. to design your right sidebar, follow the instructions on top of the widget list (i.e. drag and drop, then unfold the widget in question by clicking on the down arrow to the right image to edit the appearance of the site.
  2. Pages”(in the left hand menu)
    1. are an afterthought in wordpress which was originally based on dated posts (for a diary-like web logs), but can be useful for not time-sensitive , stable areas/sections of your site.
    2. You can include a bulleted or numbered list which you periodically update manually  (click “edit” on the page)
    3. or, for frequently changing information (like lists of students), you can use a system that may have more initial learning curve, but in the long run makes updating easier
      1. embed an online spreadsheet from Google Apps or SkyDrive
      2. or embed an RSS feed like in the above example (if you have an RSS. provider).
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