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How to export BMC Remedy data into Excel other than via copy-paste

  1. This question came up during consulting (Disclaimer: BMC provides non-customers only limited access to online documentation and trial software).
  2. BMC Remedy Action Request System 8.1  supports a wide variety of reports, including from a query builder, and editing of reports, using the free Eclipse data visualization and reporting plugin BIRT, and exports of reports in a wide variety of formats, including Excel ( you can find more on Exporting to Excel in these articles).
  3. BMC can also read excel and other data: “Data Management is a web-enabled dataload tool that enables you to import data into your system” (source) .
  4. BMC Remedy provides ODBC connectivity (note: read-only , so no round-tripping!). Applications that have been used with this feature include Access, Crystal Reports and Excel. In principal, querying an ODBC data source from Excel (2007 and up) works like this:
  5. On the Excel machine, install the BMC-provided ODBC driver into ODBCINST.INI (contains information about ODBC drivers available system-wide).
  6. Create an ODBC connection, save office data connection files as .odc  file for easy reuse.
  7. Query the Remedy database  using SQL from ribbon: ” Data” / section:”Get External Data”:”From other sources”/ menu item: “From Microsoft Query”, select the Remedy Database, clear “Use the Query Wizard”, log in, in “Microsoft Query” window, add Remedy data tables, then columns to display, then go to menu: “File”/ “Return Data to Microsoft Office Excel”.
  8. Some BMC-ODBC-driver-specific limitations are covered in BMC Remedy AR System ODBC considerations
  9. If the exact required functionality is not built in, BMC remedy also provides extension points for developing plugins. See Application development with BMC Remedy Developer Studio, which happens with  using BMC Remedy Developer Studio, a freely downloadable add-on which can be enabled by a vendor call
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