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How to get rid of “Questions completed” feedback in Hot Potatoes quizzes

  1. If you dig into the JavaScript in the HTML, looking for the default feedback t4ext (“Questions completed so far”), you see (as I have done here manually; this could be relatively easily done also for an entire batch of course quizzes with a global replacement) that you turn this option off:
    1. var CompletedSoFar = ‘Questions completed so far: ‘;
    2. var ShowCompletedSoFar = false;
  2. But that does not get rid of the #/# being displayed.
  3. There is an option to get rid of the Feedback text: image
  4. If I read the options correctly, there is no such setting (we tried the obvious suspects here): image
  5. function CheckQuestionsCompleted(){
        // trp: trying to disable showing to student QuestionsCompleted 
    // (entire function  even if somebody changes the variable ShowCompletedSoFar) 
        // if i understand correctly, what users really do not want to show 
    // is a misleading completed correctly for completed 
    // (which leads to students not know that they have finished?) - \
    // is there no better way? 
        // was: if (ShowCompletedSoFar == false )){return '';} 
    // trp: cannot find a gui to set ShowCompletedSoFar  to false
        var QsCompleted = 0;
        for (var QNum=0; QNum<State.length; QNum++){         if (State[QNum] != null){             if (State[QNum][0] &gt;= 0){
    //Fixes for
        if (QsCompleted >= QArray.length){
            return ExerciseCompleted;
            return ''; // trp: CompletedSoFar + ' ' + QsCompleted + '/' + QArray.length + '.';
  6. Since you can edit the sourcefiles of a HotPotatoes installation, you can turn it also off for a machine permanently:
  7. If this variable is there in the underlying code, shouldn’t there be also an option in the GUI (not necessarily, maybe was never implemented – or maybe I just have not found it…).
  8. For what the output will look like, see here.

LRC Workshop Demand Survey Results


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Full lifecycle for authoring and collecting a poll in surveyshare. A walk-through

  1. A list of your surveys is also available on the start page: survey
  2. Choose your general settings:
  3. survey-create-settingsOnce you started a survey:
  4. image
  5. Add questions to it 1 by 1, using a variety of question types:
  6. image
  7. image
  8. image
  9. image
  10. imageimage
  11. An internal variable can be useful for managing results:
  12. image
  13. Overview: survey-results
  14. Changing sequence of questions:
  15. image
  16. Settings overview:survey-settings
  17. Adding recipient contacts for a private survey:
  18. image
  19. image
  20. Publishing and collecting
  21. Web Survey and Questionnaire Tool - SurveyShare.com_1334609299894survey accepting responses
  22. image