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To retrieve a hidden Find Text window of MZ-Tools

  1. … close all your other undocked windows in VBE Editor.
  2. Must have been hidden during inadvertent docking and took me a while…


Back in flyover country…


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Customized Quick Access Toolbar


Easing access to some important tools for serious  writing – and configuration that can not be done in a template,but is per machine…

Fun with Zotero inserting citations and bibliographies

  1. If you can install Zotero’s word processor add-ins (for LibreOffice Writer or MS-Word).:
      1. Here are the self-explanatory tool tips of the command buttons for the MS-Word add-in: zotero-ribbon-addins-command-buttons-tooltips
      2. Here is the add-in in action, inserting first one, than multiple citations, followed by generation of a bibliography:


  2. If you cannot, you can still use the “create bibliography from items” of Zotero (which itself can be run under portable  Firefox from a USB stick – no install needed at all). Here is a brief example and insert those into your writing; zotero-create-bibliography-from-item2clipboard2word

Fun with Zotero managing bibliographic references

  1. Curation: word-create-list-style-with-errors
  2. Deduplication: zotero-merge-duplicates

Fun with MS-Word inserting boilerplate text from the Quick part gallery


Consistency through reuse.

Fun with MS-Word’s multilevel lists from the QAT style dropdown