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Unicode conversion keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Word

A visitor asked me about the whereabouts of the uniqoder website that I recommended here – I am afraid I have lost track. But if you have Microsoft Word, at least you can always easily type Unicode using the conversion ALT-X keyboard shortcutword-unicode-alt-x

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To retrieve a hidden Find Text window of MZ-Tools

  1. … close all your other undocked windows in VBE Editor.
  2. Must have been hidden during inadvertent docking and took me a while…


Back in flyover country…


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How to add multiple clips to the timeline in Expression Encoder – at once

  1. Expression Encoder is a great screen casting tool for Windows – and it is free.
  2. Except that in the free version, each clip is limited to 10 minutes. This can result in many clips that you nee to combine to document one session.
  3. Adding clips to the media and encode them does not roll over at the end of one to the next clip (different from as things used to Work in Windows Media Encoder) – it produces as many output files.
  4. Using the Add Source at End Cc294622.5bff4edb-e4d1-4fca-b268-0d194faf13d1(en-us,Expression.30).png. button seems to limit you to adding one clip after the other. image
  5. What I had missed so far: You can simply select multiple clips at once in the file open dialogue.
  6. Expression Encoder will add all to the timeline in sequence, and encode all to one output file: image

Radar Chart visualizing Cost of Living in select US Cities



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Have your VBA Add-in autogenerate menus for easier access to your macros

  1. P_20160720_203804
  2. Storing your macros in add-ins (.xlam) has many advantages over personal.xlsm and similar document locations.
  3. One disadvantage however is that an Add-in macro is not accessible through the Excel macros dialogue.
  4. The community recommends assigning shortcuts for easy access. I did that and went a couple of steps further using VBE extensibility to
    1. depending on scope
      1. public procedures on your end users’ computer to whom you distribute your Add-in
      2. and also non-private on the developer  machine
    2. list your modules alphabetically
    3. list your macros alphabetically under your modules
    4. for each, find & assign a free (free within Excel only –  short of assigned windows-wide shortcuts  since in my current work environment, I am unable run tools that allow you to list these shortcuts) shortcut combination,
    5. automatically generate an Add-Ins menu of all that , to serve as a cheat sheet.
  5. Code TBA

Inserting Word Building Blocks from Template using Ribbon or QAT

Either insert from Ribbon / Insert / Quickparts: image

Or for extra speed and convenience, you can have your template store access to your building from the Quick Access Toolbar: image

Demo video is here.

Try “Stop Collecting” with Office Clipboard for Runtime Error 1004 “Paste Method of Worksheet Failed”

There seem plenty potential sources of error for  method .Pastespecial, and  a vast amount of questions and good advice online.

But I did not find this one, and only this one managed to make Pastespecial into Excel work for me. image