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Introducing the LangLabEmailer

  1. The LangLabEmailer helps integrating the digital audio lab (still widely operating based on files and network shares)  into the departmental language teaching and learning process by automatically forwarding  (audio, text) assessments and assignments collected in the digital audio lab to teachers and students via campus mail (using MS-Exchange automation).
    1. Easy on the Language Lab Manager who can "set up and forget": 1000s of assessment files will reach their originating students and teachers in near real time without you lifting a finger.
    2. To earn "extra credit", show your teachers how they can override the default LangLabEmailer behavior by adding “_noemailing” or “_nostudentemailing” to the folder name when saving their digital audio lab collections.
  2. Status of the language lab and purpose of the software
  3. Features
  4. Prerequisites
  5. Downloading
  6. Installing
  7. Configuring (and sharing back)
  8. Running or scheduling
  9. End User options
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Requesting features
  12. Getting Updates
  13. Uninstalling
  14. Samples & questions at my IALLT 2013 session.

How to improve learning center staff communications using Windows Live Messenger instant group messaging through live@edu. A running log

    1. Our 1st line of support – student temp staff – is not able to answer all questions and troubleshoot all issues that LRC clients come up with.
    2. We are experimenting with enabling quick escalation of issues from 1st line to 2nd and 3rd line using instant messaging.
    3. live@edu provided our university staff and student accounts with access to Windows Live Messenger instant messaging, including useful sub features
      1. presence: see faster who is (or is not) there to help you by the colored presence icons. The convention in MS software is a green ball for available:presence-outlook
      2. group messaging: UNCC-LRC created and invited to a “LRC Staff” group that includes student temp and permanent staff.
    4. Here is what comes up when temp staff logs into the computer (sorry, no linking to Windows user IDs, but then again, we do not have this form of single sign-on in our other systems either): wlmessenger-notificationwlmessenger
      1. Here are the options we start with (which need refinement)