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How to troubleshoot and get help with the LangLabEmailer

  1. LangLabEmailer logs its activities automatically.
    1. image
  2. Please consult the log files which you can find
    1. if you search C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\Data
    2. for the files
      1. trace-rolling.log” (contains activity log messages).
      2. and, should you run into an Exception, “exception-rolling.log”.
    3. Useful information about the LangLabEmailer working with your MS-Exchange configuration is automatically kept in the same folder:  EwsResponseHttpHeaders.txt, AutodiscoverConfiguration.txt, AutodiscoverRequest.txt, AutodiscoverRequestHttpHeaders.txt, AutodiscoverResponse.txt, AutodiscoverResponseHttpHeaders.txt, EwsRequest.txt, EwsRequestHttpHeaders.txt, EwsResponse.txt.
  3. Next: Request features. Or up:Langlabemailer table of contents
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