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How to make screencasts in animated GIFs for free

If you want a persuasive web (blog) documentation solution for the most casual, time-pressed users and which is supported on the widest possible range of platforms;

and if you are lucky enough to work in environments where it is not the base infrastructure that forms the bottleneck (as this solution is not bandwidth optimized):

then even in the day of Flash 10, Silverlight 4 and HTML5, you might give some consideration the age-old animated GIF.

What you can visualize with animated GIFS will remain basic. But if the basics are what needs fixing, this approach can have remarkable benefits (think low-end, high-gain of the graph for “law of diminishing returns”).

I have been looking for a while for a “soup to nuts” write-up how to do this easily and for free, and experienced am unusually high noise to signal ratio. This is why I want to point to the following article that seems to fit the bill nicely:


The author persuasively combines CamSoft, ImageMagick and the Microsoft GIF Animator.

An example to follow here.

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