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Google Calendar embedded aggregated calendar won’t show calendar names?

  1. When I add "Calendars to Display" in the "Google Embeddable Calendar Helper" ,
  2. Google calendar lets me select calendars I  added from iCal sources,
  3. but it does not "remember" the names I have given these calendars, image
  4. displaying only the default name "Calendar",
    1. both in the "Google Embeddable Calendar Helper" image
    2. and in the iframe embed:  image
  5. rendering the aggregation feature useless (Which is which?).
  6. Is there a workaround or hidden feature like a “name parameter” in the embed query-string? What is it? I cannot find it in the Google Calendar API reference.

Putting 2 Manfroto and Cullman camera tripods and 2 Smith-Victor Lights back into circulation with repair parts from eBay and HomeDepot

  1. The Library handed us back circulation of equipment that supports production classes in film studies since they could not maintain the equipment in good state of repair. We are having a hard time to do that, too,
    1. and regularly seem to lose – since we have no library, but only student staff, likely even more – vital parts (despite plenty of training and (feed:)checklists)
    2. which we cannot get replaced through approved university procurement channels.
  2. Enter the local HomeDepot, which has an entire aisle dedicated to screws, bolts, nuts and wing nuts,  and eBay, which provides reasonable search features if you specify your parts well. While we do not have part numbers, the first order attempt was delivered in short time and proved successful: Here are the broken lights (screws wing nuts has been replaced in the meantime): light2 stand brokenlight3 stand brokenlight3 stand broken (3)light3 stand broken (2)
  3. Here are the the fixed tripods
    1. (still in the surplus bin, but no need: back into circulation): CAM04294
    2. and their original parts, and replacement parts from eBay:
  4. CAM04279CAM04283CAM04292CAM04293

Current LRC equipment circulation training for Film students (Office365)

Checklist for light kit (08-11)

  1. Are all Parts there(25)
    1. 4 plates (1)
    2. 2 more plates (2)
    3. 3 extension power cables (3)
    4. 3 lamps (4), containing 3 bulbs (not pictured)
    5. 2 thingamabobs (5)
    6. 8 clamps (6)
    7. 2 stands (7
    8. See also various documentation sheets included (not pictured below, but here)


  2. Test the Functionality
    1. Assemble light and stand, as shown: L-light Mid-L Kit
    2. Plug in and turn light on
  3. Maintenance
    1. If necessary, exchange bulb

    Checklist for Vixia cameras (11-14)

    1. Parts
      1. Battery
      2. SD Memory Card
      3. Battery Charger
      4. Power cable
      5. USB cable
      6. vixia-components-CIMG0005
    2. Test the Functionality
      1. Start camera
      2. Record for 5 seconds clip_image001
      3. Playback:  clip_image002
    3. Maintenance
      1. Charge battery
      2. Initialize sd card: Sd-card like so.

    Checklist shotgun microphones

    1. Are all  Parts there?
      • Shotgun Microphone
      • Camera mount
      • Microphone stand clamp : Especially look for the smaller connector in the bottom center – it tends to get lost (remain on the boom pole?).
      • Foam windscreen
      • Permanently attached cable with 3.5 mm output plug
      • AA battery


    2. Test the Functionality
      1. Test making a recording like so .
    3. Maintenance
      1. If needed, exchange battery (from box on shelves in coed436 with sign "office supplies")
      2. Ensure that microphone is turned "OFF" when it is returned – drains battery.

    Checklist for light tripod (05-12)

    1. Are all Parts there?
      1. Tripod screw, wing nut
      2. Top plate – make sure this part is not missing!clip_image001
    2. Test the Functionality
      1. Make sure that tripod can extend and stand on 3 legs, like so:clip_image002
      2. Attach a camera to tripod.
      3. Move camera in all directions (top/bottom, left/right…)
    3. Maintenance:
      1. reduce tripod size again to its most compact position.
      2. Close all levers so that legs arrest.

    Checklist for lavaliere microphones (01-03)

    1. Are all  Parts there?
      1. Microphone with 3.5 mm cable
      2. Phono adapter (1/4’’)
      3. Clip clip_image002
      4. Battery  (pictured below) clip_image001
    2. Test the Functionality
      1. Test making a recording like so .
    3. Maintenance:
      1. If needed, exchange battery (from box on shelves with sign "office supplies")
      2. Ensure that microphone is turned off. Have returning student make sure the microphone is turned off (wears down battery).