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How LRC assistants help maintain the film collection

  1. You may find your self confronted with a box like this (at any given time): image
  2. Has the movie already received one of our 4-digit labels?
    1. yes
      1. check it into the LRC Film collection spreadsheet
    2. no =  Cataloguing new movies
      1. can you find the title of the movie in the LRC Film collection spreadsheet,
        1. yes: then find the label this movie has to be assigned
        2. no: take whatever label you need from the pre-printed sheets (coed436) and attach it to the new unlabeled movie box
  3. put the movie, now labeled, on the stacks in proper sort order
  4. movie reserve shelf: consolidate it with the film collection (weekly)
  5. movie stacks: consolidate it with the film collection (monthly)

Daily LRC walkthrough


Take the clip board with this list, and, follow the instructions for the daily walkthrough, fill it out for the current row (= today’s date).

LRC headset tests


  1. To improve LRC readiness – given that headsets are the most prominent component of the language center,  as well as a wear and tear part –,
  2. every Friday during the term (see column),
  3. a group of expert LRC assistants, armed with the above checklist on a clip board on the reception desk, 
  4. tests  each headset (see rows) in the LRC for functionality (play, record), using the procedure outlined in step-by-step instructions linked in the 2nd column from the left above
    1. for PCs and
    2. for iMacs respectively,
  5. and reports the test results on the clip board:
    1. upon success, puts tester’s initials,
    2. otherwise marks as “not ok”, e.g.
      1. “no plug”,
      2. ”no mic”, or “mic w/ static”
      3. “no sound”,
      4. etc.
  6. LRC assistants should, as pictured: headset-check
    1. from the clipboard,
    2. access the instructions
    3. follow the instructions
    4. record the results
    5. while working side-by-side to cut the load in half.
    6. In addition (not pictured), they can log in on multiple computers and start working on the first pair while the last pair stills starts up.

LRC daily walkthrough for all computers

  1. Push chairs under desk
    1. clip_image001
    2. clip_image002
  2. Remove any trash from computers desk.
  3. "Machine unavailable" signs
    1. clip_image003 
    2. Make sure each computer has one attached to it (or apply spares from box on reception desk).
    3. Put the "unavailable"sign down, where needed: Requires that you first look up which computers currently unavailable in here:,  in sheet"computers+monitors",column:"unavailable (= is the sign down), they are marked as "1" (sort the column to see).
  4. Make sure computers that are available are turned on and ready for students to log in.clip_image004

LRC daily walkthrough for classroom PCs

  1. Find a time when the classroom is not busy on the LRC calendar – if necessary, do it earlier rather than later.
  2. If somebody else than coordinator or director is logged onto the teacher computer, tell the LRC coordinator.
  3. Check the projector? Turned off , screen up
  4. clip_image001
  1. clip_image002
  1. clip_image003
  1. Make sure classroom blinds are closed
  2. clip_image004
  3. Make sure the classroom whiteboard is clean
  4. clip_image005
  5. Make sure headsets are
    1.  hanging on the back of the monitor in the classroom (each headset on the computer it is connected to, and not a neighboring computer).
    2. clip_image006
    3. and are
      1. firmly plugged in
      2. plugged in firmly AND and in the correct (= bottom left) USB port
      3. cable-tied  ((spares in coed436 box “office supplies”).
      4. image

LRC daily walkthrough for iMacs and printer

  1. For the iMacs,
    1. clip_image001 
    2. make sure headset is plugged into the USB adapter as pictured,
    3. make sure the 2 “Do not use” labels on the adapter and over the inputs on the rear of the screen are in place and intact (or apply spares from box on reception desk).
  2. Check that the printer has papers (or replenish paper from the reserves shelves in coed436).
    1. clip_image002

LRC daily walkthrough for listening and group room stations

  1. Ensure that the listening station/group room PC headsets are stored hanging from the side cubicle walls:
  2. clip_image001
  3. Headsets need to be plugged into the rear:
    1. Make sure "Do Not Use" sticker is on the front panel (or apply spares from box on reception desk).
    2. clip_image002
    3. As pictured:
      1. Plug headset to in the right rear outlets (black into green, red into red/blue).
      2. Make sure cables are secured with a cable tie (or apply spares from box "office supplies” on shelves in coed436).
      3. clip_image003

LRC headset test on iMacs

  1. Logon to the iMac.
  2. Double click Macintosh HD.
  3. Click Application.
  4. Find Garage band and double click it.
  5. image
  6. Save the file to the desktop
  7. Press record image
    1. Speak into the microphone; then tab the microphone with your finger several times, to make sure you are recording through this source.
  8. Stop then play
  9. If there is no sound or you cannot hear anything, go to the Apple menuimage
  10. and click system preferencesimage
  11. Click sound then select the output tab
  12.  image
  13. Choose the usb option
  14. Select the input tab then again choose the usb option
  15. Close system preferences
  16. Try again to record then listen.
  17. Still not working? Check the iMac headset hardware , as described here: LRC routine walkthrough for iMacs and printer.
  18.  If it still does not work, report Computer # on clip board.