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How to fix “Print to OneNote”, “OneNote cannot find a page on which to insert your printout”

2014/07/16 2 comments
  1. This error kept popping up for me on OneNote 2013, but I gather it is a classic.
  2. I should have just taken the error message seriously and literally: Could I do better than OneNote and find a page where OneNote says it cannot?
  3. First, to find out where I and OneNote are supposed to be looking for this page, go to File / Options/ Send To OneNote and check which “print to “location you have set.
  4. This one here looks obviously suspicious (and does not exist – one would wish still when this location goes out of scope this could be flagged with a more transparent warning):
  5. image
  6. Change the location :
  7. image
  8. to one that actually exists:
  9. image
  10. or better maybe, for lack of a more transparent error checking if page goes out of scope, chose one of the other,  hopefully more robust options: image

LRC daily walkthrough for iMacs and printer

  1. For the iMacs,
    1. clip_image001 
    2. make sure headset is plugged into the USB adapter as pictured,
    3. make sure the 2 “Do not use” labels on the adapter and over the inputs on the rear of the screen are in place and intact (or apply spares from box on reception desk).
  2. Check that the printer has papers (or replenish paper from the reserves shelves in coed436).
    1. clip_image002

Windows 7 cannot connect to shared printer (error code 0x0000000d)

2012/02/28 4 comments
  1. Problem here: Dell MFP1125 on XP 32-bit gets shared and discovered from Windows 7 (64-bit), but not connected to from Windows 7 (error code 0x0000000d). Elsewhere, many people encounter this error, in a variety of configurations (printers, Windows).
  2. Resolution:
    1. on Windows 7, from the command line, issue “net use LPT1: \\yourservername\yourprinter /persistent:yes”
    2. In devices and printers, from the add printer wizard, add a local printer on LPT1 (installs driver), print your job to that (for it to get redirected to the shared printer).
  3. If you lose your printing capability (“net use” shows “unavailable”), delete the local printer, reissue the “net use” line above, and reinstall the local printer.
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How to restart the LRC student printer station

  1. On the computer keyboard of the print release station computer, press the windows-key.
  2. This will bring up ("It’s a Windows system! I know this!") the Start Menu.
  3. Choose Shutdown/ Restart from there.

More printing problems in the LRC: How to deal with student swipe card not being read

  1. Problem: You get this error message "Unable to communicate with vending hardware" (when student swipes the student id card):
  2. Things to try:  Try first restarting the print release station computer (How?). If this does  not help, in the past, this has indicated campus-wide problems. Call the HELPDESK to find out more. If they confirm, post a warning note for students on the print release station.

How LRC assistants can print LRC jobs from the reception desk

  1. If you have (ONLY! printing is tracked) work-related jobs to print from the reception desk, please use this method:
  2. Choose “print” as normal and then this Toshiba printer driver ONCE I HAVE IT INSTALLED:CIMG0010
  3. the printer driver will ask you for a code; the code in the LRC Moodle announcement board sticky post, above the threads: CIMG0009
  4. You can pick up the print outs in the mailroom behind the LCS department’s main office.

Printing Problems in the LRC

  1. One problem
    1. Printer printing garbage like this? CIMG0002 (2)
    2. To fix it, try power-cycling the printer
  2. Another problem
    1. Received this error, repeatedly with students trying from different LC computers.
    2. printer-problem
    3. Until I told her to save the document (I thought she was authoring it), log out and log in on a different computer. Then  miraculously she could print.
    4. Now I am left wondering:  Did she open the document, maybe from Moodle, in her web browser, and the MS-Word browser plugin is not set up to print too our printer. Would be not a solution, but a workaround for this situation.