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How to get Square brackets (and hide comments) with ISO690 in Word 2013 bibliography styles

  1. Lots of people online seem to be looking for square brackets with citations in ISO690 style in Word 2013, but having no luck with getting the Bibliography XSL  for older Word versions to work. Trying to edit the old XSL still results in it not loading into the MS-Word Citation Style dropdown.
  2. What is needed is a way to parse the XSL and debug load errors. In the meantime… Smiley
  3. I had better luck with starting from the current Word2013 ISO style. If you stream Office365, this is now in %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\LiveContent\15\Managed\Word Document Bibliography Styles
    1. Puzzlingly, there is also a %appdata%\Microsoft\Bibliography\Style which some of your edited files get copied to – go figure….
    2. The ISO690 file  I based my variation on is called : TC102851224[[fn=iso690nmerical]].xsl
    3. Copy this file to  %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\LiveContent\15\User\Word Document Bibliography Styles\
    4. Open it with a text editor (I use NotePad++).
    5. Change “Openbracket” section like so: And the corresponding for closebracket
      <!– trp:   –>
    6. Same principle change for the corresponding for “Closebracket
      1. Lst time I carelessly introduced printing space characters before my closing brackets – just copy the leading chars from a working XML line if you run into this problem.
  4. I also needed to not print “Comment”-field of the source in my bibliography”
    1. Search for:
    2. Comment out the “print”-action inside (easier than changing each bibliographgy type):<!– trp:   
  5. Change the style name. MS-Word 2013 uses “StyleNameLocalized” instead of “StyleName”, so I added a qualifier to each localized name within the test:


  6. Restart MS-Word, and with luck, your styles will show in the ribbon References section style dropdown: image. Apply them (using F9):image
  7. Download: TC102851224[[fn=iso690nmericalsquare0comments]]
  1. Damian
    2015/07/15 at 10:42

    Why there are no points between the citations when we put more than one of them? “;” I think this one is not recommended…

    • 2015/07/18 at 11:39

      It is all in the citation style XML, edit it or find a style that supports this feature. I think I have seen that request, it is quite common, and a way to implement it. Feel free to post it a link here if you find a solution.

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