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How to set up a Deepfreeze scheduled maintenance window using Embedded Events

2011/12/22 1 comment


deepfreeze scheduled maintenance window using  Embedded Events

Embedded events are stored on the clients, so do not require the server to run and be able to communicate with the clients to run the event. Don’t forget to select the clients you want to send the embedded event to. Result: deepfreeze scheduled maintenance window using  Embedded Events result


Meeting Requests in OWA – from the source

2011/12/22 1 comment

Language tutoring support in the LRC

  1. New and improved as of Spring 2012: We now have 2 computerized small group work spaces for tutoring groups.
  2. An effective computerized help desk
  3. A live CAE tutor calendar display. This will help the time zone-challenged students until all students are put into the right time zone in NINERMAIL (or self-help). At that point all students will be able to load the tutor calendar of their choice in NINERMAIL. The tutor calendar has also “LRC” in the title – this way students always are reminded WHERE the tutoring is. We are also working on getting small group workspaces set up in the entrance library area  to the left.
  4. Improved tutor signage
  5. A variety of non-computerized tutoring workspaces
  6. A variety of computerized tutoring workspaces that allow the tutoring to share with other uses of the LRC.
  7. As listed in this view when you enter the LRC: 433-tutoring

How to check if components of Shotgun Microphones (05-08) are complete

  1. Use this list:
    1. micro
    2. seat1
    3. seat2
    4. cable1
    5. cable2
    6. adapter1/4”
    7. windshield
  2. Or use the illustration from the microphone package: CIMG0054

How to check if components of Microphone Boom pole (01-04) are complete

  1. Boom
  2. Adapter for microphone holder. To change the screw size to that of the microphone holder you have CIMG0017microphone holder CIMG0050, you can unscrew the adapter and turn it around – however, do not lose it!
  3. gitzo-gb0530-CIMG0010
  4. LRCMicroBoom large CIMG0048

How to check if components of Canon camera (01-10) are complete

  1. Battery
  2. Battery Charger
  3. AV cable – FIREWIRE cables for transferring video are not included, we do not have enough. Use in the LRC (2)

Sharing and reusing Moodle learning content using backup and restore, part I: Backup

2011/12/15 4 comments

To reuse your own content, you can import. To use somebody else’s content, the other user can backup his content (even though not shown below, a subset of the content of a course can be chosen) and share (by downloading the file created within the course file area) the backup file with you (a zip-archive that contains an xml file), for the other user to restore. Like so:   backup1 backup2a backup3a backup4a backup5abackup6backup7backup8

Sharing and reusing Moodle learning content using backup and restore, part II: restoring

2011/12/15 4 comments

Here I am restoring the backup I made from a different user’s Moodle course in part 1:backup, to add the learning content to my own target course:

restore-uploadrestore-menu-itemrestore-upload1restore-upload2 restore-upload3 restore-upload4 restore-upload5 restore-upload6 restore-upload7 restore-upload8 restore-upload9 restore-upload10

Now how can we scale this collaboration on Moodle learning content without an erepository?