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Checklist for microphone booms

  1. Model:CIMG0052
  2. Parts:
    1. CAM04107 Stitch
    2. 3 segments (1,2,3),
    3. 2 segment connecting screws (4,5)
    4. 1 top screw (6) allows for attaching part  “small”from shotgun mics (but “large” does not fit):
    5. LRCMicroBoom large CIMG0048gitzo-gb0530-CIMG0010microphone holder CIMG0050
    6. 1 top screw plastic cap(not pictured)
  3. Functionality:
    1. Note that these parts are supposed to be assembled,
    2. and the plastic rings to be loosened,
    3. for the boom to extend, like so: CAM04109 Stitch

How to check if components of Microphone Boom pole (01-04) are complete

  1. Boom
  2. Adapter for microphone holder. To change the screw size to that of the microphone holder you have CIMG0017microphone holder CIMG0050, you can unscrew the adapter and turn it around – however, do not lose it!
  3. gitzo-gb0530-CIMG0010
  4. LRCMicroBoom large CIMG0048