Checklist for microphone booms

  1. Model:CIMG0052
  2. Parts:
    1. CAM04107 Stitch
    2. 3 segments (1,2,3),
    3. 2 segment connecting screws (4,5)
    4. 1 top screw (6) allows for attaching part  “small”from shotgun mics (but “large” does not fit):
    5. LRCMicroBoom large CIMG0048gitzo-gb0530-CIMG0010microphone holder CIMG0050
    6. 1 top screw plastic cap(not pictured)
  3. Functionality:
    1. Note that these parts are supposed to be assembled,
    2. and the plastic rings to be loosened,
    3. for the boom to extend, like so: CAM04109 Stitch
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