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Cancelling a meeting request in Outlook 2007

  1. Do not merely delete the meeting from your calendar;
  2. rather: open it and use the button: cancel meeting, like so: image

How to easily view resource mailboxes calendar free/busy using Outlook calendar groups

  1. Display all items in a category with a single click on the checkbox I front  of the calendar group
  2. Display any portion of the time line in " scheduling view"  by
  3. Selecting the days in the square calendar sheet in the upper left
  4. Navigate the time line with the bottom horizontal scrollbar
  5. Note the additional helpful "from [start date]" indicator in a mailboxes booking that is not displayed completely
  6. How to easily view resource mailboxes calendar free busy using Outlook calendar groups

How to quickly add resource mailbox calendars as an Outlook calendar group

  1.  Right-click the left calendar tree.
  2. Choose context menu item: add calendar group / from address list:
  3. image
  4. Type " LRC" to search  – or the consistent naming scheme you implemented  (I hope!).
  5. Select all relevant calendars to add.
  6. Click on  button: "calendar".
  7. Click on  button: "ok":
  8. image
  9. Done:
  10. image

How to resolve “WinAlign export files cannot be migrated because your User ID has not been specified”

  1. Steps to replicate:
    1. in Winalign window:
      1. menu:file / export file pair
      2. dialogue: “export file pair to file”, choose an name and format: text,
      3. wait for “export”dialogue to disappear;
    2. in SDL Trados Studio 2009,
      1. left menu pane: “translation memories”, menu button”:”open translation memories”,dialogue:”menu button: “open document”, choose the source text document, in dialogue:”open document”, dropdown: “target language”,
      2. dropdown: “target language”,  select yours
      3. dropdown”: add”: “file-based translation memory”
      4. open dialogue:”file-based translation memory”, select exported text file;
    3. Error pops up:  image
  2. Resolution: follow the instructions in the error dialogue.
    1. Bonus points for knowing that “translator’s workbench” is a legacy application and accessible only through SDL Trados Studio 2007: open this from the start menu.
    2. In the left pane, click to open “Translator’s workbench”:  image
    3. Give your username: image
  3. Test: on your next try, you will get past the error into upgrade converting your winalign-exported text file into TMX:20130328_163935

How to record and submit a photo presentation assignment

A step-by-step explanation how Moodle/PowerPoint allow

  1. a student
    1. to create a photo album from their photos (remind them that they need to be able to download their photos onto the LRC computers), we will load this from their computers analogous to this: How to create a visual cue exam file using Insert Photo album in PowerPoint
    2. to narrate the photoalbum
      1. In the LRC with 2007:
      2. or if they use 2010 outside of the LRC,
    3. To refine their presentation:
      1. Do not edit your audio – not  good language learning  pedagogy.
      2. Rather redo your entire presentation, paying extra attention to the weaknesses you observed when reflecting on your last recorded attempt . You will learn more foreign language this way than if you learn how to edit digital audio. Before you re-record your narration, clear the existing narration from PowerPoint, or save into a new file to be able to compare the Before/After.
    4. to submit: How a student takes a Moodle Single file upload assignment.
  2. a teacher
    1. to prepare:How a teacher creates a Moodle Single file upload assignment, with optional attached file
    2. to grade (reviewHow a teacher grades a Moodle Single file upload assignment):
      1. Save the Moodle file submission assignment
      2. Double-click the PPSX  file to play the file in PowerPoint.
      3. Use the Moodle grade book to grade and provide other feedback.

How students can record their picture or photo presentations with PowerPoint 2007

  ppt ppt-save-as-show

  1. On the ribbon:slideshow, click “record narration”,
  2. click “Change quality”,
  3. change the quality to 16Kbit from the default of 8kbit (which caused audio break-ups when I tested),
  4. click OK and present, using the headphones,
  5. then Save As / Show.
  6. You can easily use the saved  file to e.g. upload the assignment to your teacher’s  Moodle / File Upload Assignment.

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Protected: How to share Exchange room and resource mailbox calendars

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