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How to output a list of installed programs on Windows with PowerShell

A vanilla script, but including all Win32_Product class properties – a quick search found only a very basic version how to do this in PowerShell:

# to write a installed program listing to a CSV file - just adapt the output dir below
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product |`
$AssignmentType = $_.AssignmentType
$Caption = $_.Caption
$Description = $_.Description
$IdentifyingNumber = $_.IdentifyingNumber
$InstallDate = $_.InstallDate
$InstallDate2 = $_.InstallDate2
$InstallLocation = $_.InstallLocation
$InstallState = $_.InstallState
$HelpLink = $_.HelpLink
$HelpTelephone = $_.HelpTelephone
$InstallSource = $_.InstallSource
$Language = $_.Language
$LocalPackage = $_.LocalPackage
$Name = $_.Name
$PackageCache = $_.PackageCache
$PackageCode = $_.PackageCode
$PackageName = $_.PackageName
$ProductID = $_.ProductID
$RegOwner = $_.RegOwner
$RegCompany = $_.RegCompany
$SKUNumber = $_.SKUNumber
$Transforms = $_.Transforms
$URLInfoAbout = $_.URLInfoAbout
$URLUpdateInfo = $_.URLUpdateInfo
$Vendor = $_.Vendor
$WordCount = $_.WordCount
$Version = $_.Version

$Name | Select-Object `
}| Export-Csv c:\temp\installed-programs.csv -NoTypeInformation




Stop ":Zone.Identifier:$DATA" files from being created…

2014/11/19 1 comment
  1. … by running gpedit.msc as admin and setting "user configuration / administrative templates / windows components/ attachment manager / "Do not preserve zone information in file attachments" to "Enabled         No. "
    1. I observed these files in the drive my virtualbox win 8.shares with the linux host.
    2. The answer is out there , of course,  just not with all the search terms. A more thorough security discussion is also available.
    3. Just seems not applicable to a share what virtualbox makes appear as a network folder to Windows while it really is not, which causes also other misleading security warnings also : image

How to find your computer’s name

  1. Right click on “my computer” on desktop,
  2. or on “[My] computer” on start menu,
  3. and clicik “Properties”image
  4. or hold the windows key and press “pause /break” on upper right,
  5. in the window that comes up (tab computer name on XP), you can see the name:

More disruptive recommendations to downgrade to colorscheme basic on lab PCs despite Themeswitcher?

  1. Is this maybe what happens when Themeswitcher crashes: While the desktop background still gets changed, the Colorscheme does not get set to Basic? How to avoid the crashing FileIOException? What fileIO may a colorscheme change require?
  2. image
  3. image
  4. Disruption is the least of the problem: The warning comes up when computers become dangerously slow. In the past, they have become disfunctional during these episodues and needed to be power-cycled. This has resulted in loss of assignment and assessment materials.

Protected: How to get rid of themeswitcher appcrashes on Lab pcs?

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How to manage balance on stereo audio using Audacity, Sanako student recorder, or any audio player on Windows

  1. For language lab use, stereo is more important than usual, since the channels may carry source versus translation/interpretation, L1 versus L2, teacher versus student, model versus imitation and so forth.
  2. You can choose which channel to listen to by adjusting the balance for stereo playback.
  3. In the Sanako Student recorder (free for all), click here: image
  4. In Audacity, click here:: image
  5. From any other player on Windows, hold Win-key and press R, type mmsys.cpl, on tab playback, double click the speaker you are outputting to, and  on tab levels, change “Balance”: image

Input languages missing on PC21 to PC31

  1. I only had a chance to check the PC’s in the title.
  2. This is the size of a good language bar: CAM05715
  3. These PCs are missing input languages when I am logged in:
  4. CAM05714CAM05709CAM05716CAM05717CAM05720
  5. my phone has a poor camera, so this needs double checking:
    1. looks like pc29: CAM05719
    2. unclear which, but appears to be in 2nd row: CAM05708

Prevent multiple user login to avoid “Another instance of Tutor is already running in another user’s session on this computer” by disabling fast user switching

  1. Problem: As reported earlier (in the Spring and in the Fall term),  for the student PCs, Sanako issues (but likely also general performance problems, and reportedly problems on classroom computers outside of the LRC) caused by multiple users being logged into the same PC – not limited to logging in from remote via MSTSC -  seem on the increase this term (this year?), also on the teacher PC, where they prevent the digital audio lab from starting:image
  2. Workaround: force restart of the computer (time-consuming, though).
  3. Solution: Avoid, better prevent multiple user login, maybe by disabling fast user switching?
    1. Registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\HideFastUserSwitching =1, or
    2. Group policy: Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Hide Entry points=Enabled.
  4. Other considerations:
    1. Side effects: unclear?
    2. Root cause: Not enough data. Why do users remain logged in in the first place?