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How to output a list of installed programs on Windows with PowerShell

A vanilla script, but including all Win32_Product class properties – a quick search found only a very basic version how to do this in PowerShell:

# to write a installed program listing to a CSV file - just adapt the output dir below
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product |`
$AssignmentType = $_.AssignmentType
$Caption = $_.Caption
$Description = $_.Description
$IdentifyingNumber = $_.IdentifyingNumber
$InstallDate = $_.InstallDate
$InstallDate2 = $_.InstallDate2
$InstallLocation = $_.InstallLocation
$InstallState = $_.InstallState
$HelpLink = $_.HelpLink
$HelpTelephone = $_.HelpTelephone
$InstallSource = $_.InstallSource
$Language = $_.Language
$LocalPackage = $_.LocalPackage
$Name = $_.Name
$PackageCache = $_.PackageCache
$PackageCode = $_.PackageCode
$PackageName = $_.PackageName
$ProductID = $_.ProductID
$RegOwner = $_.RegOwner
$RegCompany = $_.RegCompany
$SKUNumber = $_.SKUNumber
$Transforms = $_.Transforms
$URLInfoAbout = $_.URLInfoAbout
$URLUpdateInfo = $_.URLUpdateInfo
$Vendor = $_.Vendor
$WordCount = $_.WordCount
$Version = $_.Version

$Name | Select-Object `
}| Export-Csv c:\temp\installed-programs.csv -NoTypeInformation




Windows XP user profiles copy to greyed out ?

  1. Problem:
    1. For all profiles, not only for the logged in profile… Not likely a permissions problem? I can delete
    2. 201202-copy-testuser-final
  2. Solution:
    1. “if you’ve ever been logged into a profile without rebooting you won’t be able to copy that profile either. So you might have to restart before you can copy the profile.”
    2. or use shutdown /r when connecting via MSTSC.

Protected: Windows 7 LRC image: The list

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Tivoli TEM console connect error

  1. Problem: I seem to have lost the capability to connect to the TEM console from my Office PC, with this error: image
  2. Root cause : This error is due to these credentials: image
  3. Solution: add its to the email addy.

Export options in Tivoli Endpoint Manager

  1. You can batch export Baseline task sets by right-clicking the baseline and chooosing export from the context menu: image
  2. Choose a download location: image
  3. Open the BES file (which is an XML file) with MS-Excel for better human readability: image
  4. Especially interesting information (highlighted in red here) for your documentation (tracking, potentially troubleshooting…) includes the task “name3” and the underlying Actionscript.

Problem verifying MAC image

I unmounted nevertheless

Protected: Mac OS X Image management– the basics

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Failure due to timeouts when capturing image from Symantec-Ghost

  1. do not thin I Have not seen that before: image capture starts successfully, but  client times out in the middle; happens repeatedly both during the day and at night?
  2. symantec-client-timed-out
  3. What else to try? symantec-client-timed-out1
  4. Solution/workaround: inconclusive. First try w/o Deepfreeze installed and with high compression worked. But third try without any changes had also finally succeeded (although deploying that image was not tested).