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Spanish movie subtitles exercise project

  1. objective:
    1. To facilitate lesson delivery and student interaction in our Language Resource Center I have programmed a VBA- and MS-Word- based cloze quiz template with batch creation based on a simple markup language and rich autocorrecting functions that use string metric algorithms (Damerau-Levenshtein). image001The template supports typical activities in the digital language lab: digital audio- and video-based  listening comprehensions, e.g. Quiz Template with Chanson Lyrics, image003 and speaking and dialoguing activities for language learning or other examples):
    2. Teachers can use them as exercise-generating engines: the templates allow copy/paste of their own exercises into this template. To also automatically create language teaching materials with the required markup in French, German, Italian and Spanish (mostly based on movie subtitles) for this template, I wrote a C#-program that applies an expanding library of regular expressions which can match typical language learner tasks:
      1. function words, image002e.g for Spanish Movie Subtitling Exercise Creation, image005
      2. affixes/infixes
        1. and lexical subsets taken from corpus linguistic research on word-frequency (SUBTLEX, Opensubtitles)).
    3. This template support the learner by strengthening learner autonomy and providing immediate corrective feedback and – in conjunction with the grouping facilities of the Center’s classroom management system infrastructure – allow for custom-tailored instruction based on the immediately available outcome of formative assessments, and also automated summative feedback: image004
    4. A Spanish TA can provide meaningful vocabulary and grammar questions as input for cloze listening comprehension exercises that  I will create on the basis of subtitles  I have for Spanish movies being used in (= put on reserve for viewing in the LRC by) the Spanish program  consistent exercises that students can take while watching the movie in class adapted meaningfully to technical possibilities of template
    5. Screencasts Demos:
      1. making of template exercises
        1. manually marked up: Part II to minute 4, Part III
        2. alternatively, markup can be generated by regular expressions which we will try to develop:
      2. use of template exercises : Part II, from minute 4
        1. overview of sample exercises (German)
        2. sample application (exam setting)
      3. materials
        1. source texts:subtitle files for proof reading
            1. Amores Perros
            2. Pedro Almodovar – Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios
            3. Pedro Almodovar – Hable Con Ella
        2. ideas for exercise needs that fit into this cloze format
          1. grammar
            1. function words
            2. affixes
          2. vocabulary
            1. frequency-based wordlists from corpus linguistics
            2. word lists from current textbook
      4. Deliverables: combos of
        1. materials
        2. exercise ideas
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