The on-screen keyboard (OSK) for foreign language character input on MS-Windows

A little known, but useful tool for non-western languages which can not be represented by the us-international keyboard layout, when no hardware keyboard is available:

The Windows on screen keyboard reflects the soft keyboard installed via Control panel / Regional and language options / Text input languages. and selected via the language toolbar, like so:


Easiest access, click Start, click Run, type “osk”, click “OK”. Or try this on XP: osk_menu

  1. clare
    2012/11/14 at 17:16

    I could have spanish characters in xp but not yet in 2010 using the on screen keyboard help.

    P.s I an using a laptop there fore i do not have a seperate numeric for using code like alt 160 etc

    • 2012/11/14 at 17:46

      In any recent version of Windows, including 7 (if that is what replaced your XP), you have to make change some changes under Control Panel / Region and Language (or you can click “Start”, “Run”, type “intl.cpl”and click “OK”).

      There you can set the Us-International keyboard as default which gives you easy access to Spanish accents.

      I made a Flash-file that sees you through the steps here:

      Good luck.

  1. 2011/04/14 at 20:49
  2. 2011/07/28 at 18:41

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