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What to try if you cannot view things on your computer screen

No matter what “cannot view”refers to, the easiest way in Windows XP is to change display properties settings is right-click on desktop, choose “properties” from the context menu which pops up, then click on tab “settings”:


Output to older (CRT) monitors can relatively freely be adjusted here. LCD (“flat”) screens have a built-in (hardware) “standard/native/physical” resolution. The signal your computer (graphics chip) sends to the monitor should be matched to this resolution, or otherwise the image quality will be compromised (blurry). 

If “things cannot be viewed” means: “are too small to decipher” and you have your resolution set to match your LCD screen’s built-in resolution, instead of changing your resolution, you should change the DPI value, buy going to the “advanced” button in this dialogue: 


If “things cannot be viewed” means you try to use an application, like a video, that has been produced for a larger screen resolution and cannot be resized, then you do have to change the resolution, using the slider under “Screen resolution” here:

If you find, like in the picture above, that your screen resolution is  already maxed out, then try and take your problematic application to another physical computer (you may first have to change the resolution on that one also).

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