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Can we get rid of Windows Media Player first run experience?

  1. It costs a lot of time in a language lab where computers are frozen (user cannot change settings between sessions – unless this is a roaming user setting on the server which it does not appear to be) and audio files are frequently played for which Windows Media Player has is set to be the default player to go through this set of dialogues whenever trying to listen to a file. We had this bypassed in Windows XP/Symantec Ghost. CAM03834
  2. Even better, make the Sanako Recorder the default player for audio files in the language lab. The Sanako student settings I recommend here are meant for the teacher office computers where we do not have to control and try and optimize the experience as tightly as in a face-to-face class teaching lab and therefore can tread lightly during install of the Sanako. In the Student Recorder Settings, "associate media files" option should be checked.
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