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How to record and playback movies on the Sony Hdr-cx110

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  2. record
  3. mode
  4. play
  5. imageimageimage
  6. Complete Overview:
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Common video resolutions and ratios

LRC Clinic on Video: In PowerPoint, embed from file or web

How to speed up jumping around YouTube videos in class with YouTubeCenter

  1. Problem: When you use – that is to say: analyze – YouTube video clips in a classroom setting – whether in Film studies or second language acquisition classes –, you will find yourself jumping around a lot in these clips. This can be slow and enter a lot of undesirable little interruptions into your teaching (or learning) flow.
  2. Root cause: Since pedagogical use is not the primary use case for YouTube videos, their download configuration defaults to streaming, which preloads the video only a few seconds ahead of the cursor or playhead.
  3. Solution:
      1. If you want to buffer or preload the entire YouTbue video clip before examining it in your class, you can install a browser add-on called YouTubeCenter.
      2. Here is more on how to install YouTubeCenter.
      3. No configuration necessary, ”Dash Playback” which buffers videos completely locally, is the default setting.

YouTube Center, a power user extension for your video usage in class

  1. YouTubeCenter comes for a variety of browsers, but note that Firefox seems the only practically supportable browser in our campus computing environment.
  2. To download and install, go to : and click on:image
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  5. image
  6. There is not shortage of settings (e.g. preselected is the Dash Playback, useful to speed up jumping around a video, by disabling streaming):  image
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MS Windows Media Encoder, your free audio and video encoding utility

  1. Benefits
    1. Free
    2. Can cut and convert
      1. video
        1. Makes screencasts also.
        2. can capture video
      2. audio
        1. including pause removal.
    3. can stream
  2. Limitation: Outputs only to MS media formats (WMA, WMV) (
  3. Download here. There is also a 64-bit version.
    1. Officially supported on
    2. Windows 2000 and XP. I use it on Vista and Windows 7 (both 64-bit) also (for audio; no guarantees).
    3. f I remember correctly, Windows Media Encoder has a built-in limit to support only up to 4 CPU cores, you may have to limit CPU usage if you run on more advanced hardware platforms).
  4. a bit of config:
    1. For good quality video and audio, put a  prx file like this in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Components".
    2. Put a wme file like this anywhere and start by double clicking the file, then press green “Record” button.

Final Cut Pro Introduction

(A handout from the Film Studies program – click on photo for larger view)


Basic software to troubleshoot end-user videos

  1. Having problems with (source – target) end-user video compatibility issues? If you just need to “git r done”, the following software has helped us for years nip those in the bud and overcome the limited built-in support for video display and troubleshooting on the MS-Windows and Mac OS X platform:
    1. VideoLan, an open-source project that amounts to much more than a player which out of the box understands most codecs, going strongly into version 2 recently. Download for Windows or Mac OS X.
    2. Still won’t play? Diagnose codec and other information from video files, so that you do not need to set your hopes into the download of dubious codec packs.
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