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Basic software to troubleshoot end-user videos

  1. Having problems with (source – target) end-user video compatibility issues? If you just need to “git r done”, the following software has helped us for years nip those in the bud and overcome the limited built-in support for video display and troubleshooting on the MS-Windows and Mac OS X platform:
    1. VideoLan, an open-source project that amounts to much more than a player which out of the box understands most codecs, going strongly into version 2 recently. Download for Windows or Mac OS X.
    2. Still won’t play? Diagnose codec and other information from video files, so that you do not need to set your hopes into the download of dubious codec packs.
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How to view non-displaying video files on Windows XP, using VideoLan VLC player

Not an uncommon sight when trying to play video files, given that Windows XP is an 11-year old operating system:


It may come as no surprise that Windows XP  -despite a number of upgrades of its built-in Windows Media Player application -, lacks native support for newer video codecs (= what the computer needs to understand the compression of video data, does not map 1-to-1 with video file formats. Video codec support in Windows 7 has been much improved).

If you run into the common problem that, when trying to play a video on your computer, only the audio displays, try downloading, installing and playing the freeware, open-source, cross-platform VideoLan VLC player from here.

If VideoLan cannot display your video either, download, extract, start and open the video with this utility from here , to diagnose which codecs your video files uses, like so:


You may find it easier to pass only this codec information to local IT support than the actual video source file. However, before trying to install missing video codecs from unverified internet sources, make sure to consult local IT support (a lot of malware is distributed with video codec packs).