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Group conference with all students and the teacher using Sanako Study 1200

  1. To set up the maybe most common language classroom activity – everybody listening or talking to everbody else (whether student or teacher) –
  2. try this with the Sanako Study 1200 – plus have no student fade off because of “incomprehensible input” caused by bad classroom acoustics and self-conscious learners mumbling –:
  3. image
    1. Activity pane: discussion, start –> students can talk with each other
    2. Button:talk –> teacher can talk to students
    3. Student icon / popup-menu: teacher can hear students – not only the one from the student icon, but anybody in discussion.

Digitizing audio tapes in 2012…


…comes now at least with “China  price”. e-learning is not about digitizing, but in tape, you can get entangled. : –)

No audio on listening stations and group rooms, and workaround

  1. Symptom: Headsets work (test feedback by putting microphone near headset speakers), but audio files from internet do not play with sound. 
  2. Cause: having to support 2 different kinds of headsets (USB with built-in soundcard versus traditional analog) in one PC software image.
  3. The workaround
    1. for temp staff is to start / run / sndvol32.exe and up the low volume sliders here: 20120912_153937
    2. for permanent staff is to unfreeze any computers that have been missed previously20120912_154121 and put this script into the all users startup folder now: 20120912_154205
  4. The solution: standardize on USB headsets when you get a chance.

How to link your LRC tutor calendar and Moodle metacourse from your Moodle course

Saba centra ie listening station crash

Centra crash ie listening stations

Try firefox also. The plugin should be preinstalled on all pc’s.

Animated GIFs workflow using MS-OneNote, MS-Paint, Irfanview and UnFREEZ

  1. To keep things simple (and, at least in our work environment, free) during smaller Animated GIF projects (larger projects may warrant use of ImageMagick, scriptable image editor), you can use
    1. MS-OneNote screen clipping (configured right, it seems the fastest way to collect source material)
    2. Update: I recommend now screenshotcaptor instead, if you do screenshot projects more than  occasionally.  MS-Paint (or pretty much any image editor) to mark up your images
    3. IrfanView to batch convert to GIF: image image image
    4. UnFreez to easily create animated GIFs in differing speeds: imageimage, which can be automated.

Oral assessments with Sanako model imitation – The ultimate training summary…

…using animated GIFs. Load the speed of your choosing (or several, use CTRL-Click to open links in a new tab) into the left screen of the teacher station before administering an oral exam, with the window active, press F5 in your web browser to restart the animation from the beginning. Slower? Expanded:050cs, 075cs, 100cs, 150cs, 200cs, 300cs, 400cs, 500cs, 1000cs.Or compact for recapitulation: 025cs, 050cs, 075cs, 100cs, 150cs, 200cs, 300cs, 400cs, 500cs, 600cs, 700cs, 800cs, 900cs, 1000cs.