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Windows Live Spaces url forwarding still working

  1. It is a long time ago that I migrated my blog from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress.
  2. It appeared to me recently that the URL forwarding from the original web pages to WordPress which was part of the migration package that Microsoft offered, had stopped working – regrettably, since I still have old documents pointing to the original pages, and the cryptic URL naming scheme seems to make it difficult to find out where the original ULR pointed to.
  3. However, it seems that only some forwarding stopped working. If I reformat URL format 1 (which redirects to the WordPress homepage) to format 2, the forward still works:

Beep – beep – boop?! Cannot get classic mode to stick for editing my existing pages

Looks like I can get classic mode to stick by clicking on “classic mode” in the upper right of edit mode, for creating new posts.

Looks like I cannot for editing existing posts – what gives?

Best advice seems currently to edit through the “dashboard” – unacceptable to me, I often need to revise/refine posts when I browse them.

UPDATE: Well, the test-“Edit” to refine after publishing this post gave me the classic mode of editing – does it remember something? Currently, the behavior seems more like hit or miss…

UPDATE2: The edit for an old post still gets me “Beep – beep – boop” edit mode. Is it possible that the choice of “classic mode” affects only new posts after choosing?!

Update3: OK, looks like my choice of the old-style editor is being remembered now. Not sure that I did something to achieve that.


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Arachne, online database for archaeology

ARACHNE is the free [account creation required] object database of DAI and the Institut of Classical Archaeology in Cologne. It provides more than 1 Million images of finds, architecture and excavations with meta information as well as digitised historical literature” ( Find more information and help on this page). Example of Advanced Search start choice page: image

Continue with Einzelmotive (singular motifs) (gets you back into an English interface also – the field-specific explanation on the right certainly helps): image

There is auto-search completion/suggestion, however, it seems to work only for German, and very eclectic: image

2011-07-08_BILD0047b Stitch (5000x3941)

Beats having to plaster your surroundings with photos for making your own panoramas. Smiley

Bad audio quality in Moodle Kaltura recordings on iMacs under ambient sound conditions. A running log (closed)

  1. Symptom: See title.
  2. Cause: While speakers of the 3.5 mm headset take over from the iMac speakers, when plugged in, the 3.5 mm headset micro does not disable the webcam micro. The webcam micro remains the recording source for Moodle Kaltura (mac os x.6, safari 6, flash 10).
  3. Possible solutions:
      1. 1st choice: is there a way for the admin to override this permanently?
      2. 2nd choice: is there a way for the end user to override this on a case-by-case basis?
      3. "The Califone 3066AV is compatible with both Windows and Mac audio outputs (but is not compatible with iMacs)." ("The Wow starts now!").. Do we have to tie up our boom and lavalier microphones for this?
      4. Try the flash settings by right clicking in the video window, selecting the microphone icon, then choosing the external (= non-webcam) microphone for input.
      5. kaltura flash microphone settings0kaltura flash microphone settings
      6. Fail. The real culprit is the iMacs line-in audio-in for which you need a preamp to get it to work with analog microphones. Preamps seem to start at $40, but for that I can get a PC webcam (Microphone included). 

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How to work around flat flush-left nested lists in Windows Live Writer

  1. Windows Live Writer (2012), in WYSIWYG  mode under the “edit” tab, conveniently interprets “tab” keys, when issued within an <ol>/<ul>, as, i.e. converts them into nested lists.
  2. However, Windows Live Writer does not horizontally indent the nested lists. Rather the lists appear “flat” flush left –(restart in ) only numbering and vertical  indentation, like so: image
  3. The underlying source code feature is that <li> get immediately closed, before the nested <ol> gets even opened, as you can see here: image
  4. You can force the indented view by wrapping the <li></li> around the nested <ol></ol?, like so: image
  5. The resulting look with horizontal indentation: image
  6. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, certain work with lists in the “edit” mode make them revert back to the default “flat”view. So you often have to redo your work under the source code tab.

Aggregate room and resource calendars for Overview


Save the web, with Clip to OneNote

No, I don’t mean save from proprietary vendors or from spies Smile – I mean: save it to your personal storage during web browsing, like so:


The essence of should be useful not only for personal research on the web.