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How to work around flat flush-left nested lists in Windows Live Writer

  1. Windows Live Writer (2012), in WYSIWYG  mode under the “edit” tab, conveniently interprets “tab” keys, when issued within an <ol>/<ul>, as, i.e. converts them into nested lists.
  2. However, Windows Live Writer does not horizontally indent the nested lists. Rather the lists appear “flat” flush left –(restart in ) only numbering and vertical  indentation, like so: image
  3. The underlying source code feature is that <li> get immediately closed, before the nested <ol> gets even opened, as you can see here: image
  4. You can force the indented view by wrapping the <li></li> around the nested <ol></ol?, like so: image
  5. The resulting look with horizontal indentation: image
  6. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, certain work with lists in the “edit” mode make them revert back to the default “flat”view. So you often have to redo your work under the source code tab.

How to work around broken links and visible “Machine generated alternative text”issues with images from MS-OneNote in Windows Live Writer

  1. Problem: Sometimes when you use Windows Live Writer (2012) to post images copied from MS-OneNote (2010, 2013), the result (on WordPress) can get messed up, like so (post has since been fixed as described below): clip_image001
    1. The image is missing (“src=” link broken).
    2. The “alt=” text is visible instead (and you did not want to post this “alt=”text anyway. (MS-OneNote OCRs images to make the text therein searchable; this text is put into the “alt”when pasting from MS-OneNote).
  2. Root cause:
    1. Windows Live Writer converts the pasted content by
      1. removing the “alt=”Machine generated alternative text: [deleted for brevity]”
      2. creating from the pasted content thumbnail images
      3. which it links in the “src=” tag, and links the thumbnail image to the full-size original image.
    2. If something – unclear what – prevents this conversion, Unfortunately, this is not obvious from the “edit” tab view or elsewhere within Windows Live Writer. But when posted, will result in “Machine generated alternative text” from MS-OneNote in place, but even  break the image src link: image.
    3. What exactly triggers (and would allow you to force) a successful conversion within Windows Live Writer I do not know. However, there is a simple:
  3. Workaround:
  1. After pasting your images, be patient : The trick seems to be to give Windows Live Writer enough time (more apparently if you have pasted multiple images) to finish
  2. Things you can look for in Windows Live Writer to make sure the conversion is finished:
      1. edit tab: you can tell the difference by the resizing of the image on the edit tab:
        1. before: image
        2. after (= conversion finished): image
      2. source code  tab: A somewhat radical solution, but here beneficial  is that the conversion removes the imported “alt” text of the image.
        1. before: alt=”Machine generated alternative text: [deleted for brevity]” src=”$clip_image006.jpg”
        2. after: alt=”clip_image006″ src=”$clip_image006_thumb.jpg”