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Immerse yourself into your language of study by switching the user interface language on LRC PCs

  1. Ever imagine yourself studying or working in an e.g. Spanish– Japanese- or Chinese- speaking country? Then you will  likely find yourself in front of a computer display that is in that language  – what if you could get a sneak preview before you go?
  2. You can now switch the interface language of the LRC Windows 7 computers (including Internet Explorer and MS-Office (note that you have to change the editing language separately) to your language of study (How?).
  3. All non-classical languages studied here are supported:
    Language Native name
    Arabic العربية
    Chinese (Simplified) 中文(简体)
    Chinese (Traditional) 中文 (繁體)
    English English
    French français
    German Deutsch
    Greek Ελληνικά
    Hebrew עברית
    Italian italiano
    Japanese 日本語
    Korean 한국어
    Polish polski
    Portuguese (Brazil) Português
    Portuguese (Portugal) português
    Russian Русский
    Spanish español
  4. Some languages, however, come only with the limited support of a MS Language Interface Pack :
  5. Hindi हिंदी
    KiSwahili Kiswahili
    Persian (Farsi) فارسی
    Yoruba ede Yorùbá
  6. Below are examples (for German) what you get when you switch the operating system language:
  7. image
  8. image
  9. image
  10. image
  11. image
  12. image
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