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Protected: LRC calendars requirements and configuration management

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MS-Exchange and Outlook enable managing scheduling of 100+ functional resources

High-level Reporting: clip_image004[5]

Also, it is easy to manage calendars by  group calendars, e.g.


Creation of calendar groups is also easy via the outlook address book:


It is Outlook (Desktop) currently only (not Exchange 2010 OWA) that allows for High-level Reporting. And even here, there are limitations:



Can’t rename default folder names for Room and resource mailboxes with MFCMAPI

  1. To get the MS-Exchange calendar ICS to include a name line other than “X-WR-CALNAME:Calendar” (which, when trying to aggregate calendars, does not play well with other mailbox calendars also emitted by MS-Exchange with default name )
  2. when trying to follow the renaming instructions here using MFCMAPI (which seem however for personal mailboxes, not the different folder hierarchy: “information store”).
  3. I only get  this 0x8004011b mapi_e_corrupt_data (would have kind of surprised me they had let me mess with MS-Exchange, this is not PST world anymore):  renaming default folder names in room and resource mailboxes with mfcmapi fails
  4. Is there another way to rename room/resource mailbox calendars? Seems like not. But there is a recommended feedback form for this (or is this for office online only, not for exchange on premise?).

If MS-Exchange room mailbox does not auto-decline, but forwards conflicting requests

  1. This room should auto-decline conflicting requests, but forwards them:
  2. clip_image001
  3. If you log in as the room and look under Options / See more options / Settings / Resource:
  4. image
  5. You see that 433d has it wrong here:
  6. image
  7. 434 has it set correctly:
  8. clip_image003

Protected: Facilitating equipment circulation and room booking with website calendar aggregation?

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Current LRC equipment circulation training for Film students (Office365)

Managing responses when organizing workshops with meeting requests

You can use “copy status to clipboard”


to move to and manage in excel:



Use an excel table autofilter to drill down to the actual participants:



and paste them right back into an outlook message:


Outlook can handle that (“check names”):


How to find out whether you have access to your classroom early (e.g. for setup tasks), by using the R25 calendar

  1. Go to, and follow these steps:
    1. (1) switch to view by “locations”  instead of (the default) “events”,
    2. (2) select your building,
    3. (3) find your classroom,
    4. (4) see whether it is blocked=booked before your class (hover over the block to see by what) –
  2. image
  3. in order to browse to your classroom’s schedule – for example, you could also just (5) search for your classroom.
  4. Sorry, unlike in the LRC calendars from MS-Exchange, here
    1. no direct links to your room’s schedule;
    2. no simple flexible booking, even though there seems to be a need for one-time bookings (AFAIK, I did not venture behind the screen after top menu: “Reservation request” since I do not know how to answer its question).